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Timberman Cheats

Avoid the branches by keeping track of the ones that may kill you. If there are no visible branches in your column, keep chopping as fast as possible until this changes. If you are about to change columns, try to learn how many openings you have before you must switch back.

Establish a consistent rhythm to allow you to look ahead and not get caught off guard be tree branches. The faster and the more consistently you tap, the more time will remain on the. However, the timer will begin start dropping faster as you earn more points on level.

The total number of wood chunks you cut corresponds to the points that you earn. Costumes are unlocked by reaching certain high score on a level, getting a certain total number of chunks, or reaching a specific score several times. For example, the Lazy Bird costume is awarded by scoring 700 points three consecutive times. The President Barrack Obama costume is awarded after reaching 550 points three times.

To select a locked character you need to have an unlocked character that is next to the locked character you want. For example you have Mr. Tree and the next character is Sir Tim and you have him locked. To be able to play with Sir Tim just go back to Mr. Tree and press the select button and the next button at the same time and done. Now you can play with Sir Tim. You can do this with any locked character beside an unlocked character.

Go to an unlocked character, hover over it, (make sure the locked character is behind or in front of your unlocked character) press right or left and right after press select. You have to do this really fast, it might take you a couple tries.

Pick a dominant chopping side where you are more comfortable to start your game.

When a branch appears at the top of your screen to the time it hits the top of Timberman's head is 4 chops. So, count to 4 and then switch!

Usual patterns with few branches in your way: chop twice, switch, chop twice, switch.

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