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These Crazy Walls

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for These Crazy Walls on iPhone iPod

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These Crazy Walls Cheats

Tip 1: Right at the beginning of the game, you'll have a good stretch where both of the walls are solid with no danger of you falling or dying. Tap the screen rapidly until the first pit comes, and you'll pick up a quick 5-7 points right off the bat. While it's not much if you're already really good at the game, it's certainly something.

Tip 2: Pay more attention to the side that your square is currently on than the other side, and tap the screen as you come up to an obstacle. If you're watching the other side of the screen, you run the risk of missing an obstacle on your current side.

Tip 3: After you crash and die, hit the "free life" button to watch a video. When the video is done playing, you will start again with the same score that you crashed with, and you'll have that small area of blank space again where you can do the 5-7 jump trick. You can only use the video restart once per round, though. After that, your score is reset as usual and then you start over from the beginning.

Tip 4: The walls will stay the same speed for the entire time that you play, so once you master the walls early on, you'll have mastered the walls for the whole round. If you keep losing later on still, that's because you're psyching yourself out, so ignore the score and keep jumping. Or take a break from the game. You'll find it much easier to get a high score going this way.

Tip 5: Play on the smallest device that you own, or hold the phone away from your face. The smaller the device, the easier that it is to see everything that is going on at once, so an iPhone 5 or 5s is optimal, due to being taller but not wider.

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