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Tetris Blitz

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tetris Blitz on iPhone iPod

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Tetris Blitz Cheats

Quickly form lines to build the Frenzy meter on the left. Filling it activates Frenzy Mode, which lets you form chain reactions that result in big-time combos; lines are worth double points. Frenzy blocks allow you to make longer cascades. Equipping power-ups before playing is the best way to score the most points. Tap the question mark next to each power-up for a description of what it does. You may equip up to three at a time. A weekly power-up is available for a limited time unless you purchase it outright or use it a set number of times to permanently add the item to your collection. Power-up blocks randomly fall into place, and you must form lines that incorporate these special tetriminos to activate them. Unused power-ups will automatically trigger when time expires. Like the Tetris Blitz Facebook page to receive 1,000 coins. Sign up for various services to earn free coins. Examples: Hulu Plus free trial (137,750 coins), Disney Book Club (362,500 coins), Discover Mobile App (1,750 coins). Score free power-ups and other goodies via Bonus Blitz. You can spin every four hours, or purchase additional spins. You can enable swipe controls from the options menu. Tap outlines to place tetriminos. Press the Cycle button on the left for different placement options.

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