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Terra Battle

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Terra Battle Cheats

Although you will start with only four allies, but you can have six characters at the same time on the battlefield. Extra warriors are earned through battles or by spending energy at the tavern to recruit them. When a battle starts, focus on eliminating healers first. Trap as many enemies as possible in a pincer type attack. When more than one enemy ends up between two of your warriors, all of the enemies will get the same amount of damage. You can get more experience by killing multiple enemies at the same time. Sword users are stronger than bow users. Bow users are stronger than spear users. Spear users are stronger than sword users. The more allies that you can link into an attack, the more damage that attack will do. Special skill attacks, which will sometimes end a regular attack will also be more powerful. When you move around your warriors, take note of the blue line that connects them occasionally. This indicates how many warriors will join an attack. You can push your warriors with other warrior tiles. If you push a warrior from the top, it will move up one space. If you push it from the bottom, it will drop down one space. If you approach from the left, the warrior will move to the right one space. Approaching from the right will force them to move to the left. By pushing your fighters you can position several of them in the same turn. However, this all must be done within a four second time limit before they start their attacks. Consider which direction your enemies will be attacking from when placing your warriors. Tap and hold an enemy's icon to list its attacks and use that to judge how to position your own forces to minimize their damage. During the first few battles, keep your characters on the bottom row and allow enemies to come to you. Then, send out a character that is strong against their type. If done correctly, this will form a pincer attack that chains all of your bottom characters, resulting in a lot of damage. Note: Some enemy skills can move your characters around, and you can get blocked in if there are six enemies on the field with you.

Enter the "Options" menu, then select the "Enter Gift Code" option. Enter the following code to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Gain 5 energyEnter dhth66nWXVCbjdTC as a code.

There are two categories of damage, physical and elemental. In physical damage, swords are stronger than bows, bows are stronger than spears, and spears are stronger than swords. For elemental damage, fire and ice are neutral to each other, and lighting and darkness are neutral to each other. You will do more damage when facing an opponent that is weak to your physical and/or elemental damage. You can determine a character’s physical type by the weapon icon at the top right corner of their box. Their elemental type is revealed in the bottom right corner (red for fire, blue for ice, yellow for lightning, and purple for darkness).

Chain your healer as often as possible. The healer chain skill heals, which has a very high chance of activating when he is chained. His heal will target all allies who are also chained with the pincer attackers. His heal can travel through allies but not through enemies; a character who is a part of the pincer attack on the opposite side will not receive the heal.

The Metal Zone on the world map has metal monsters that can be hunted for lots of experience. The monsters here will spend most of the battle running around. If you take too long to defeat them, they will escape. Try to force them into a corner with your own characters and damage them as fast as possible. This zone is only open sporadically, so check often for its availability. The Hunting Zones contain rare items and include some needed to unlock new jobs for your characters. The types of Hunting Zones and their rewards change daily.

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