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Tenkyu Cheats

So what's the goal in Tenkyu? Well it's not to make poor puns, Tenkyu-very-much. Ahem. Actually you swipe your finger to tilt and rotate a stage, and then the effects of simulated gravity weigh down on the ball, causing it to roll. Duh. Using this you navigate your ball across a variety of treacherous stages to reach to target goal - denoted by a wee flag at the end.

The worst places to be in are when you've basically got no walls to help, either when you're on a thin bridge, or you're just balancing on two twigs. Of course these are still balanced so you can cross them easily enough, but if you're not careful you could fly off. Generally, being aware of the stage helps, and you'll notice parts of stages start repeating themselves eventually. Use your memory to remember each piece of the stage, and you'll clear them more quickly in the future.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well that's not always the case, as we indicated in our last tip, but it certainly holds weight here. When you have thin boundaries keeping you on the stage, taking things slow and easy will be the best way to progress. Plus, if you're rushing through stages, you might just overshoot things, like jumps, ramps, and end up flying off the stage. Sure, you can push the speed boundary a lot early on, but in later stages? Not so.

Speed is going to be an essential factor when rolling through the stages in Tenkyu, and your momentum caused by your weight will factor in heavily. You can of course roll back and forth on slopes, or just get a run up on any flat surface, in order to build up speed to overcome obstacles like jumps, stairs or slopes. Master the momentum of the ball in Tenkyu and no stage will be able to stand in your way.

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