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One extremely important thing that you should do is to level up your fighters using the various stones you collect while battling. This way, your fighters will get better and your chances at winning will improve. Pay attention, however, to the rarity of your fighters: the rarer the fighter, the better it will be from the get-go. So it makes sense to focus on leveling up the better ones since you will be using them more often than the others.

There are three different categories in which you can assign skill points, each with three various options. Choosing them is pretty difficult for sure, but I think that for the long run it's better to focus on increasing the damage you deal. The increases are very small anyway and I don't think that they will really make a difference... but being able to cause a bit more tap damage always sounds good. If you want to really specialize your heroes, you can do so as well: have some that you will use mostly in the story mode - so invest in the skills related to that. As a long term strategy for free to play gamers, I don't think this is a very good strategy tough since you won't be able to unlock a ton of fighters... but it definitely is an option!

Waza Cards are extremely important because they give your fighters unique moves and special skills. I absolutely love them, to be honest, and I consider them a great way for Bandai Namco to add unique, easy to pull moves in Tekken for mobile. You get more Waza cards by collecting them from shards you get for unlocked heroes. This is why it's a good idea to try and hold onto your shards a bit longer after getting enough to unlock a hero as you might unlock them directly through a different method. In this case, you start with a huge advantage in terms of Waza options and you can create an awesome deck from that. Mastering the Waza Cards takes some practice and it is, in my opinion, the key to winning the games. You have to pay close attention to the special moves that the Waza Cards unleash as some are much better than the others, even if the damage dealt is similar.

What really makes a Waza Card extremely useful is the speed of the animation, believe it or not. Some of the special moves triggered by these cards take a while before they actually start causing damage, time that your opponent might use to hit you. That's one of the reasons why I consider the heroes with Wazas with a fast animation a lot better: this way, your hits will connect more often than not. Apart from the animation speed which is the most important, you should take into consideration the proximity element: some moves require you to be very close to the opponent, while others can cause damage from a greater distance. Again, I think that those that allow you to keep a distance are much better since there's a smaller risk of you getting hit before connecting your punch or kick. Finally, there are combos for correct Waza combinations and you will also use these through practice. The AI also helps you a bit by adding numbers over the cards in the bottom right of the screen, if you have more than one unlocked and if they can be turned into a Waza Combo aka Waza Rush. If that's the case, simply activate them in the indicated order for massive damage.

There aren't a ton of ways to unlock new fighters and the most common method will be grinding through the game modes and collecting cards to unlock them. Keep an eye on special events, as that is the most likely method of you getting some nice Fighter deals in the long run. The Dojo Vault is another place where you can earn some Shards from opening the chests that come from winning battles. This is why it's extremely useful and important to buy the third slot with 100 gems as soon as possible: this allows you to work on unlocking three chests at a time, which makes it even easier for you to get more characters. In the Dojo, your Tier is also important - the better it is, the better the rewards you will get. So make sure that you level up your heroes in order to get the best possible rewards. Finally, you can unlock more characters or get Character shards by completing the Story mode, so make sure that you fight often there as well.

Before starting your battle, if you have this option, make sure that you select a fighter than has an elemental bonus over the enemy. This will see them cause 15% more damage, which is extremely useful in any fight. No need to wait for healthy fighters, either! Although a full health bar does increase your chances of winning, you will see that it's still possible to win most fights even if your characters don't start with a full health bar. As you will get better by practicing, you will be able to go into battle with lower and lower health. Of course, if it's an important fight with a lot at stake (like even battles), it's best to play it safe and heal your players. Remember that there's a limit of how many heal packs you can hold at any moment, so instead of putting them to waste, it's better to use them.

To start with, let us address the most obvious item: star numbers thing. To put it differently, a 2-star personality will probably always be much better compared to the usual 1-star fighter, even while a 4-star one is going to soon be a lot better compared to the rest of the rarities. Thus, the milder the personality, the higher it really is.

To Put It Differently, it does not actually Payoff to level your star Personalities much, though you may possibly need to take action for a little while because you'll be left and also you may not have the ability to struggle to the far better star personalities. But as soon as you unlock a improved star personality, you should concentrate on this. From the game is that their speed/health/damage ratio. Panda as an instance is really a tank once it has to do with health, however much less striking when it has to do with his rate and damage dealt. Usually, the reduce gym fighters cope further damage, while people who have an increase of health care. Because of this I believe the reduce health ones improved as it's vitally essential to manage with maximum damage so as to finish a struggle ASAP.

In the Long Run, it all depends on the personalities you've unlocked and also in Most instances you'll need to cope in what you are given. But when you have a few choices, here are the figures that I believe are the best right now (in no Specific order):

With Adequate Wellness and strong combos, Shaheen is quickly and contains some Really strong Waza cards. He had been the first personality more than inch star I have unlocked and I simply got accustomed to playing with him but that I had great results thus far and that I presume he is simply excellent!

Everyone enjoys Steve and I am one of those lovers. He is among those Couple inch star fighters who prefers to be obtained all of the way to level 1-5. He's fast and deals a great deal of damage, while his Waza Cards will provide you great combos that may conquer most personalities. By Way of Example, you may check out the video below at which a maximum level 1-star Steve defeats a Three star Law readily:

One of those couple slower players whom I truly appreciate. He's good Waza Cards and strong strikes, while his elevated health leaves him a great addition to every squad.

Some of my favorites -- and also a personality that I think gets overly Little focus out of the game's fans. It's a fact that a few of his Waza cards really are useless and crap (just like the best Splits Kick), however you're still able to develop a fantastic deck and put it into use should you play with.

The large spirited woman is among the favorites on Tekken cellular games And iam delighted to find she is able to attain some fantastic stuff in Tekken Mobile too. She's quickly and contains some Great strikes -- such as Beautiful Wazas that join for optimum damage and she's unquestionably one Of the characters from the game in my own opinion.

There are three main skill categories in Tekken Mobile: Attack Skills, Agility Skills and Utility Skills. Out of these, I personally believe that it's just the Attack Skills that should get most of your attention, with a bit of attention focused towards the Utility ones. But let's find out more below.

Attack Skills
These are the best, as I have already said and the one you will want to invest most points in is the basic one: the Increases all tap attack damage skill. It only gives you an increase of 0.4% per level which is indeed a little, but it adds up in the long run and becomes very useful. My favorite one to choose since the basic taps are what you will use the most in battle anyway. Another skill to consider investing in is Increases all elemental damage: this gives a better damage boost, but has its own drawbacks. It only increases the damage when fighting with an elemental advantage. This is what you should normally do, but it won't always be possible. So even though the numbers look good, in the long run it might be less useful since you will have to send your fighters into battles without the elemental bonus. All the other attack skills can be somewhat useful in particular situations, but I see no reason why you would invest in them at all. Focus on the two above (or just the first recommendation) and things will be great, in my opinion.

Agility Skills
These are skills related to your Waza cards and I don't think any of them is really worth investing in. They are specialized on different types of Wazas and because of that, they are limited in benefits. However, if you really want to invest in something, I would recommend going for the Decrease stun/guard break Waza cooldown skill for two reasons: the stun Wazas are absolutely amazing because they open up the door to a ton of combo opportunities; and they also have the longest waiting time before they get activated. So if you really want to invest in something, invest in this alone.

Utility Skills
Even though these skills don't directly affect your in-fight performance, they offer some boosts and bonuses and might be a good choice in some cases. I don't think anybody should actually focus on these because the Attack skills are much better in my opinion, but we have one solid option here: Post match shard drops increased: this is a good skill to have because the shards are required to level up your fighters and you will need a ton of them. However, the extra ones that you get as a reward are not really worth the skill point - if you are active enough in the game you will still get there, but you will have to go through more fights. But at least you will have extra skill points to put where it matters and that is the Attack skills.

Tip 1: In battle, your WAZA cards are the most damaging and valuable of your attacks, but your tap attacks are useful too, and when you string the two together, you can make extremely long combos that are nearly impossible to defend against. Hit them with a stun card or a guard break card, followed by a three-tap combo, followed by another card, followed by yet another three-tap combo, as an example.

Tip 2: You're going to need to use your whole range of characters in order to explore as much as possible without having to use up all of your revives and heals, so spread the upgrades around evenly instead of just using all of your shards on a few specific characters. And for elemental advantages, take three different types with you so that you can Gian as much advantage as possible by type advantages. Fire beats earth, earth beats thunder, thunder beats water, and water beats fire.

Tip 3: Compete in the dojo as often as possible so that you can earn as many chests as possible. Unlock them to earn shards, character fragments, or whole characters, and to compete with other players for a rank increase. The higher your rank, the more rewards you can earn when the tournament ends, which can even include free gems.

Tip 4: Another way to earn free gems without having to purchase them is to complete achievements, which are located inside of the trophy menu at the top right corner of the screen. The vast majority of them will earn you free gems. Daily rewards and level-up rewards tend to be more wide-ranging, with characters, shards, fragments, and coins being included much of the time.

Tip 5: When upgrading your fighters, don't just level them up. Dole out their skill points wisely too. You can upgrade various aspects of strength, agility or utility. Each one can be upgraded once it's equipped into a spot too, so try not to cram multiples of the same upgrade into different nodes because leveling up a filled node will allow you to do the same thing without wasting a space.

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