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Teen Titans GO!

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Teen Titans GO! Cheats

Once you've got some figures - finally - you can work towards making them more unique, something you like. You'll soon find your way to the Rainbow Repaint Shop, and here you can use a special currency to repaint your figures. Of course this doesn't do anything for battle, it's just all about personal taste. Pick your favourite colours and make yourself stand out from the crowd! | Submitted by Neto

You need figures, right? Yeah, we all need figures, I've got the same itch the Teen Titans do, and I need to fill that collection. The first way to do that? Well, it's to spend coins in stores buying them, of course. Naturally you can earn plenty of coins by winning battles, so make that your goal if you're low on cash, even if you need to replay the same opponent a few times. | Submitted by Neto

The city map you explore is nicely animated and looks good, so I guess it's to be expected that there are things to be found. If you explore the city you'll pick up coins, find manholes which can act as warps, and perhaps even find all new figures! Gasp! For me, I found a figure in the south east part of the map in a bin, so explore and you might find even more! | Submitted by Neto

When you're in a shop you can grab random figures from mystery boxes. Very tempting! Obviously you could be disappointed with doubles, but if you don't have many figures, the odds are in your favour, and it's not a problem to buy a few. It's not always economical, but you could get some bargains in the mix. | Submitted by Neto

If you get figures who are all in the same set of have the same affiliation, you can get bonuses to carry over into battle. For example, having a full set of three titan figures will give each character +5 health in battle, making you much more fearsome. Unfortunately this means mixing and matching is less optimal, so look out for the kinds of sets you can collect for bonuses, but titans are definitely a good place to start. | Submitted by Neto

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