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Team Awesome

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Team Awesome on iPhone iPod

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Team Awesome Cheats

Make sure you avoid the red crystals at all costs as their only purpose is to stop Captain Awesome in this tracks.

Instead of trying to complete the trio of challenges all at once consider replaying levels and focus on them one at a time.

You can take numerous routes through the levels but remember that you will find more gold coins in the harder ones which require you taking more risks.

Whenever possible invest in the speed upgrade as the clock is your biggest enemy whatever route you decide to take.

There are numerous routes through the levels and, as always, riskier/harder ones are hiding more gold coins. Avoid the red crystals their sole purpose is to stop Captain Awesome in his tracks. The speed upgrade is the best to invest in throughout the game. The clock soon becomes your biggest enemy what ever route you take. Consider replaying levels to focus on completing each of the trio of challenges, rather than trying to do them all at once.

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