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Tap Transcend: Rebirth

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tap Transcend: Rebirth on iPhone iPod

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Tap Transcend: Rebirth Cheats

Tip 1: At the core of the game, prior to all the aspects and battle enter play, your objective is merely to earn GP so that you can keep the upgrades streaming. Acquiring the capability upgrades and the per-tap upgrades is likelying to be essential for everything else, such as unlocking new components and upgrading them to the point of evolution. Among the abilities quickly maxes out your GP bar, so use it as quickly as you get a particular capability upgrade to fill the bar for an immediate per-tap upgrade.

Tip 2: With these down, you can buy components by the considerable amount. When backtracking to acquire and evolve more aspects, you can buy 10, 25, 50, or 100 of them at a time by tapping on the little X1 and altering it to among the other above alternatives. With each 100 purchases of a component, you will have the ability to evolve it which will increase its GP-per-second profits by one exponent.

Tip 3: For a pending upgrade Under the planetary upgrades screen, tap the requirements button to see exactly what you require for the upgrade, and when it comes to the needed aspect upgrade levels, to do instant purchases. The one lengthy variable for anything is KP, which collects by the 2nd, however the right upgrades can speed along your KP incomes, or Chronosphere (the premium currency of the game) can speed things along. It just costs 10 Chronosphere to immediately upgrade something that you do not wish to await.

Tip 4: Go to your planetary screen and look for spaceships to appear that fly around your world when you get ill of tapping however you desire to earn more GP. Tap them to blow them from the sky and immediately earn GP or Chronosphere.

Tip 5: Collapse the bottom menus and you'll see a number of other icons, such as the finger icon which, when you tap it, plays a video. Once the video is over, you will get a bonus that is instantly included, such as double the GP per minute from components, a KP multiplier, or a tap multiplier.

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