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Tap Tap Trillionaire

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Tap Tap Trillionaire Cheats

Diamonds can be earned by completing achievements and making money for the investor. Save 75 diamonds then spend them on a premium character, which is guaranteed to be a 4 or 5 star rank. These characters will have better starting success rates and have a bonus skill that helps your earnings. Try to eventually get a full staff of such characters.

As you earn more money, purchase items for your office. Although most of them are cosmetic, some will earn money passively.

Hire staff as soon as possible to increase your earnings by a set amount per minute. Although it will not be much, it will eventually add up in scale. You will usually get one and two star staff from regular money grabs, but they are better than nothing. When you unlock better staff, swap out the worse ones. Do this by tapping the staff member to be replace and send them on a no pay leave, then bring in their replacement. Each staff member has a success percentage rate statistic. The higher their star ranking, the better their starting success percentage. You can increase their success rate by spending coins. Although this price will get very costly, it is worth improving high star staff to increase you chances at making more money. Consider ignoring staff with less than 40% chances and wait for my top staff to come with a deal.

There are three types of stocks that can be purchased. Stocks: Regular stocks will rise and drop frequently in value. Although you can make large profits in terms of percentage, the amount of money you earn will not be that great. Artifacts: Very high value goods that are extremely expensive. They can earn a lot of money if purchased and sold at the correct time. Bonds: Bonds will not change value too much, but can result in nice earnings if purchased at the right time. Buy low and sell high. To do this, learn the usual prices for each type of share. Purchase them when they are near their minimum value and sell them later. Then use those profits to purchase another share that is near its low point. Try not to wait for the same stock to drop back down to repurchase it. Unlock new stock types in each category as they will be worth more profits in the long run. Level them up in order to purchase more stocks.

Hire a ton of staff. It's simple really. the more staff you have the more money will you make. You will get mostly one and two star staff from the regular money grabs. Focus on your high-star staff. The higher the number of stars they have, the better their starting success percentage. You get diamonds from completing achievements and from making money for the investor. Hold on to them until you get 75, and then use them to unlock a premium character (guaranteed 4 or 5 stars). There are three types of stocks that is best to buy low and sell high. Stock: Regular stocks, they go up and down like crazy and you usually get just a several coins per share. Artifact: These are the really high value goods and they are extremely expensive to buy and sell at the right time. Bond: The most unspectacular of them all but you can still make nice money on them.

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