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Tap Pet Hotel

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tap Pet Hotel on iPhone iPod

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Tap Pet Hotel Cheats

Don't use bones to finish an expansion quickly, if you wait a while the amount of bones needed will go down.

Receive better daily bonuses by always maintaining a high rating. Keep an eye out for warnings about ratings that drop and work hard to regain a good rating.

To improve your hotel rating it is better to save your money and buy Expansions instead of using connectors.

Perform the following steps to get things when you do not have enough money.

1. Go to the App.
2. Turn off your device.
3. Turn your device back on.
4. Go to the App again.
5. Buy something that costs coins.

When the Tutorial prompts you to spend a bone in order to speed up the completion of the building. Disregard the instruction because it will still be completed fast and wait for a couple of seconds you will save a bone.

Although the game tries to get you to spend bones on rushing building, the longer you leave it the less bones you have to spend. In the tutorial, for example, when prompted to rush construction of the dog room - if you ignore it, it will be built quickly and save you a bone.

Always pick up trash in front of your hotel whenever you can. Whenever you do this you will be rewarded with money.

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