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Tap Busters

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tap Busters on iPhone iPod

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Tap Busters Cheats

Tip 1: Every time that you tap on the monster, you will do the amount of damage that is set by the power of your weapon. If you want to maximize the amount of damage that you do, tap on the monster using more than one finger. Alternate your fingers because the screen can only read one tap at a time, but you can use up to four fingers as long as you can fit them all on the monster; even more fingers if you are playing the game on the tablet.

Tip 2: Unlike most of the clicker RPGs that you will play, you get the exact same amount of points from each regular enemy no matter how high your experience level. You earn five coins per regular enemy. Your big earnings come from beating bosses, collecting bonus rewards, or collecting your off-line income. Be sure to check back into the game every day to collect your off-line income so that you have a ton of coins to spend on more powerful weapons.

Tip 3: Equip your gems wisely. The blue ones will add a specific bonus to a piece of equipment, such as dodge or critical bonuses, while the red ones will increment the power to that piece of equipment. Equip them on your preferred weapon and your attack will increase significantly. Equip them on a specific piece of armor and your life will increase a ton. Equip them on one of your pets and the pet's attack power will skyrocket.

Tip 4: Every day there will be a bonus bounty monster for you to kill. These are typically tougher than both of the mini bosses and the standard bosses, and their toughness corresponds with your power level when you first turn on the game for the day. If you have trouble beating at the first time, use your upgrades first and then try to battle it again; the battle should be much easier after you do this.

Tip 5: When you hit level 200, you will be able to prestige, allowing you to earn significant permanent upgrades in exchange for starting the game back over. When you hit level 100, you will unlock the arena, where you will get to battle it out against other players for massive rewards.

Gems are some of the most important items in the game. They can boost your weapons, armor or minions greatly, but some micromanagement has to be in place in order to get the most out of them. Fortunately, it's not that difficult, so here is what you have to do: You basically have to focus on upgrading 9 to as high levels as possible, since you can only have 3 slots and 3 places where you can equip them. The best part about these gems is that you can move them away freely, so if you reach a stage where a specific affinity gets a bonus, you can simply switch them over to that item. It's that easy!

Your goal is to upgrade them as many times as possible: as soon as you have 3 gems of the same type, you can fuse them into one that gives even greater bonuses. Make sure you do so ASAP. There are two colors of gems: Power Gems (purple) which are the more offensive ones, giving the better boosts in my opinion; and Special Gems (light blue) which are more defensive. My recommendation is to equip your best gems to items in this order: Weapon first (with massive focus on Damage), Armor and Minions later.

Under the right circumstances, a weapon with less base damage than another can be more useful and more destructive. There are areas that give you bonuses for certain affinities - and you can always see if you have items that are affected by this: simply check them out in the menu and if they are green, they are affected by a bonus.

The same goes for all the items - under the right circumstance, an usually weaker item can be better suited. So always keep an eye on your items and bonuses! Also, all items can be leveled up. Each item unlocks a special bonus at certain levels (4, 8 and 12 respectively). Check out these bonuses, because some are labeled: Permanent. If that's the case, this means that the bonus will be active even if the item is not equipped. This can greatly improve your stats, so always work on reaching the useful permanent upgrades even for weapons that you don't normally use.

Upgrades are extremely expensive in the game, but you have to do them. In Tap Busters, even the items that are not normally used should be upgraded because each upgrade gives you Skill Points which can be used to unlock various boosts. The boosts are also spread through three categories, but I found that it's usually a good idea to work on them one after another instead of focusing on maxing out a specific Skill first. My recommended order for the skill points allotment is: Tap Damage category first, Life second and Minion third.

As soon as an arena stage is open, join it and focus all or most of your attention on it. The reason why you want to do that is because Arena rewards are really solid and you can earn a lot from there without being insanely active. It seems that the Arena groups are decided based on the time of joining the arena, with smaller groups of players fighting for the top spot. And since competition is not that huge (like all active players-huge), then it's really worth it to give it your best and grab some cool rewards.

Playing in the Arena is the easiest way to gain new artifacts and the currency required to level them up. Artifacts are quite random and you should wait to get a few solid ones before rushing to upgrade what you have: the more options you have, the better you can spend your hard earned currency.

Some of the items in the game (like the Rugg Mugg minion) increase the amount of money you get from defeating monsters. In most cases, these are the items you should have equipped at most times because extra coins are insanely useful! If you really need the extra damage or bonuses from other items, at least make sure that you activate them before logging out of the game in order to maximize the revenue when you are offline.

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