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Tanks Vs Aliens

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tanks Vs Aliens on iPhone iPod

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Tanks Vs Aliens Cheats

Tap and also hold to have your tank transfer to that place. Since you finger will certainly cover part of the screen you could miss out on inbound attacks. You can lower this concern by continuously moving your finger around to keep your tank moving all the time. Attempt doing this near all-time low of the screen, as the alien ships normally appear from the leading or the sides. If you accidentally tap the advertisement at this area, it will certainly obscure your screen and expense you a life. To prevent this, keep your finger on the screen to avoid a 2nd tap.

Use gold to upgrade your tank. Upgrade the Steering Power completely on your starting tank, the Angelfire. Do not buy added upgrades for it as the short-lived ammo and rocket power-ups gathered throughout game play ought to offer you enough to progress. Save your staying gold to buy the Ironfist tank and do not acquire it till you get a bonus discount coupon for it.

Power-ups can be bought at the start of a level, however are eaten when used. The Magnet serves if your tank is sluggish, and the Doubler assists enhance your cash total amount. If dealing with a tough Boss, use the Golden Ammo.

The airstrike is an effective attack that starts at the bottom of the screen and gradually works it way up. Use an airstrike to clear alien mess from the level. Waiting to do good damage to Bosses is constantly an excellent option.

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