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Tank Party!

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Tank Party! Cheats

Sometimes you will see a directional pointer pop up on your heads-up display pointing you towards an area called a "Charging Zone". Charging Zones are blue highlight areas that can spawn on random places of the map, and being inside one will automatically charge up your ultimate meter. If you see that the charging zones are up, be sure to make a beeline for them if your ultimate is not charged. Your ultimate could be the deciding factor between life and death in a firefight, so it is important to have it up as much as possible!

As we mentioned, your tank's ultimate ability can make all the difference in a heated fire fight. Each tank has its own unique ultimate ability, so make sure you know what yours does so that you can use it at the most opportune time. With that said, do not wait too long! Ultimates are no good if you hang onto them for too long, and also if you die you will lose all of your charge!

Sometimes you will come across debris and explosive canisters. You should probably destroy all the debris you come across, as sometimes you will find coin clusters and chests inside! The same goes for the red explosive canisters, but watch out - true to their name, they explode when they are destroying, damaging anyone nearby. Keep your distance or lure an enemy near one and take 'em out!

When you open a chest, there is good chance you get tank cards. These cards let you unlock new tanks and upgrade existing ones. Whenever a card upgrades, its base stats will improve and it will also learn a new passive skill, like a starting shield, or improve shot bouncing. Upgrading your tanks is important, so do it the second you get enough cards!

When you first spawn into the battlefield, your tank will be at rank 1, indicated by the amount of stars next to your health bar. Eliminating enemy tanks and collecting item drops gives you XP, and enough will make you rank up, increasing your max health and base stats by a little bit. Needless to say, when you are engaging an enemy tank, take a quick look at the amount of stars by their name. If they have a lot more stars than you, it is time to bail, but if they are weaker you can go right for the kill!

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