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Talking Tom Jetski

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Talking Tom Jetski on iPhone iPod

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Talking Tom Jetski Cheats

The speed-ups and slow-downs are fairly basic stuff; however, watch out for other good power-ups as well. The fist power-up puts a shield around your cat, allowing you to crash through any obstacle that you want to for about one point per obstacle. This even includes large ones such as rocks and shipwrecks.

Certain obstacles are harmless. You can run into watermelons, rubber ducks, inflatable items, and small objects without problems. They usually contain stars.

Tip 1: When moving Tom, keep your finger is below him and drag it . This will allow you to keep him in view and better avoid obstacles.

Tip 2: You can control some of your speed by using power-ups. Although your speed decreases over time, you can make this happen quicker by collecting the speed down power-ups, which resemble downward arrows. The speed up power-up arrows are point upward. Make sure you are not moving too fast to avoid crashing into a hazard. The converse is also true; moving too slow can prevent you from making jumps.

After you lose and you have a semi-decent score, the game will give you an option to continue by watching a video. Watch the video and you will be able to keep going. You can do this as many times as you want per round, as long as the game has videos available for you to watch.

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