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Talking Tom Hero Dash

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Talking Tom Hero Dash on iPhone iPod

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Talking Tom Hero Dash Cheats

Tom will automatically thwack any raccoon baddie he comes into contact with - no sliding or jumping necessary! You should treat the raccoons like they are coins, and by that we mean you should go out of your way to take out as many as you can. The reason being is that if you take down enough raccoons, you will be eligible for a free chest.

Chests can be acquired by either taking down enough raccoons or bought from the store. You can only get regular and super chests from taking down raccoons - ultra chests must be bought with tickets. The better the chest, the more chances you have of obtaining new costumes, which provide you with huge score multiplier boosts! Tickets can be earned through opening regular chests. When you get into an accident during a level, you may be tempted to rescue Tom by spending five tickets - resist the urge! You need all the tickets you can get to open the ultra chests.

AchievementHow to unlock

There are a variety of power up gadgets that Tom and Angela can come across during a run. The green magnet will automatically pull coins towards you for as long as its active. The blue shield will protect you from a single collision temporarily. The coin doubler will make all coin pick ups worth two instead of one. The pink lightning bolt will give you a big speed boost plus temporary invincibility, making Tom shoot forward destroying everything in his path! As you can see, all of the power ups are really helpful so grab them when you see them.

Each world has different parts of the city for you to restore. Before you can do so, you will need a certain amount of coins to go through with it. Restore the city as much as possible, because every time you do so your score multiplier increases by one permanently! Once you clean up all parts of the city, you will be abel to face the Raccoon Boss. Beat him and you can go onto the next world.

Talking Tom Hero Dash has special events planned later down the line. Since the game is still relatively new, we do not know what exactly these events will entail, but we are expecting lots and lots of shiny rewards. Stick around and make sure to open the game every now and then to see if there is a fun event starting soon!

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