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Tales of Wind Cheats

The tricky foxes; the guys concealing in the shadows; the quiet killers; those might all be thought about Assassin traits, some which can even be discovered in Tales of Wind! The class concentrates on high damage and fast (however lethal) attacks.

Concentrates on: Sneak Attack, Melee.
Promo Path: Asura, Ninja.

Asura: Wielding 2 lethal "claws" their attacks fast and cause a lots of damage. They depend on crits and high damage, however they can also cause curses on the enemies surrounding them.

Ninja: The Ninjas are the stealth killers (as you may have currently envisioned) and they are the supreme Assassins: supplying stealth abilities and fast attacks, they also cause CC (crowd control) debuffs on the enemies! Oh, and they can also carry out summons!

One of my favorite classes, it is extremely fun to play as the Berserker because they can do a ton of damage and, after dropping their holy shield (something the Paladin wields), they can focus on sheer damage and health.

The Berserker has plenty life steal which gives them very good sustain in battles, even when dealing with multiple enemies which can be quite powerful. They also have high defense because they originally are Warriors, so they can't be squishy!

With the Berserker you can tank a little, but not as much as you could with the Paladin, because they are not built around that. However, depending on the situation, the Life Steal could be enough to sustain all of the damage you take, but most of the time in multiplayer instances you will find Paladins to take on the tanking burden.


Sword Strike: Crushes the ground with the greatsword and causes a shockwave which damages the enemies within the target area. The caster is also significantly healed depending on the damage caused by Sword Strike.
Enhanced Rage Burst: Deals damage to nearby enemies, significantly increasing the damage dealt by the caster, while also increasing their resistances to negative status.
Bladestorm: Wields the greatsword into a storm of destructive force, dealing great damage to the enemies in range.

Overall, the Berserker is built around damage, with mild defense. The more damage you have and deal with Sword Strike, the more you heal. So especially when fighting multiple enemies, you will heal like crazy!

The Cleric is the foundation class, which is a very safe and reliable class late game, after class promotion especially, but doesn't lack the healing abilities early on either! So it is an overall super useful and good class, which once learned, can be considered quite strong.

Even if the Cleric is not yet promoted to Priest, they still has a lot of healing in their kit and they can make amazing companions to any team. Basically the Cleric will sit in the back line and just take their time timing their skills right to heal the allies in range, while also from time to time poison the enemy to inflict damage over time.


- Power of Nature: Unleashes vines to attack the enemies in range, dealing damage multiple times and poisoning the enemies.
- Nature's Prayer: Calls forth the power of nature to heal multiple allies for a great amount of health.
- Song of the Forest: This skill heals the nearby allies over time.

With Nature's Prayer and Song of the Forest the Cleric (and afterwards the Priest, with Enhanced Nature's Prayer and Song of the Forest) can keep their team mates healed almost continuously, so if you pair them with a powerful Paladin in the front line, they will make a great combo which will be very difficult to defeat.

The Cleric is among the most key classes in numerous games. They are the therapists, the ones who can bring (or not!) the problem of the team and the ones who protect their lives. Playing a Cleric is truly enjoyable, however if you do not truly know what to do and when, it might go downhill quick. This class is extremely essential in PvP and throughout boss raids and hard events, as an excellent therapist can turn a battle in their team's favor with a single spell. (Hence I just suggest this for individuals who recognize with the play design).

Focuses on: Healing, Support.
Promo Path: Priest, Ranger.

Priest: This is the therapist path, which might be thought about type in numerous circumstances, all throughout the game. They can restore dead allies, along with offer excellent heals and typically support their team. It might show amusing to play, as often you can just not recover somebody if you do not like them! Since it's mean), (however do not do it.

Ranger: Now kinda opposed to the Priest however still maintaining comparable traits, is the Ranger, which is rather well balanced all round. It can do damage, recover and place curses on the enemies, which might be thought about a great assistance to any team (as it does not ONLY do heals).

The ice mage is an amazing class to play if you want damage and crowd control to support your team, or to simply keep all of your enemies at bay at all times. I like the Frostweaver more than the Pyromancer, because it can constantly keep the enemies frozen, so in very demanding situations you can easily get out by simply taking advantage of the frozen enemies.

It is also very good when dealing with enemies that apply crowd control, because it doesn't need a support to remove negative effects off them, because they can simply use the Enhanced Blink for that.


Ice Ward: Summons an ice ward which deals great damage to up to 6 targets and freezes them for some time.
Enhanced Blink: Dashes forward in a gust of howling wind, dealing damage to nearby enemies and freezing them, while also removing all crowd control debuffs and healing the caster.
Ice Storm: Summon a blizzard for a period of time which deals damage and slows the enemies continuously in the given area. It also has a chance to freeze the enemies.

As you can see, the Frostweaver is a very crowd control focused class, mostly because it can have the enemies frozen most of the time. It is amazing for multiplayer dungeons, especially if you can use the Enhanced Blink to get yourself to safety and heal (and remove crowd control if you have any applied).

Level up as much as you can at start by merely following the mission line. By finishing all of the missions that you will get, it will help you unlock all of the game's functions and also contribute to your level. The main goal today is to unlock all of those functions and attempt to level as much as 50 ASAP. That is going to let you get a glance at the class promo, which will make you a lot more effective! At the very starting when you were asked to choose a class you might see that below the class description there were 2 more classes-- those are the 2 possible manner ins which you can get promoted.

At the very starting you will be asked to select a class and start your experience. Even if there may be just 4 main classes at start, you should not stress. At the bottom side of all of those classes'panels you will see that each of them has 2 more promo courses that they can follow. The classes each have specific traits which will later on relate into the promo path they will pick to take.

The Warrior can end up being a Paladin or a Berserker.
The Mage can end up being a Pyromancer or a Frostweaver.
The Cleric can end up being a Priest or a Ranger.
The Assassin can end up being an Asura or a Ninja.

This produces an overall of 8 classes in the game. You may desire to believe about playing something quite strong and fairly easy in terms of attack if you are just getting begun. My idea for the new players would be to go for either Warrior or Mage. For the advanced people who have particular experience playing therapists, the Cleric can be rather a great option later, in addition to the Assassin for individuals used to playing high DPS characters with a little weaker protective stats.

Every so often when you combat boss monsters, you will have the ability to get their Cards. You can gear up those cards to your equipments which will make them more effective! Obviously, the cards you get at the start are the most typical ones and should be switched out in the future, however in the meantime you should certainly equip them up until you improve ones. This will provide your character a boost in stats and, depending upon what you select to embed in the 4 readily available slots, you can considerably increase your BR. I recommend gearing up whatever that you can at start, since possibilities are you will not get extremely rare and fantastic cards, however in the future you should switch them out for much better and more rare ones!

This may sound exceptionally dull, however believe me when I state that it's well worth it! Similar to in many MMORPGs out there you will have a couple of daily missions which you will fear after a while however you should however do them since the rewards will count a fair bit when it concerns getting every little XP possible to get that level. Another thing you will obtain from the daily missions are different equipments and rewards which should help you make your character more effective by increasing the BR. When it comes to possibility we can't all win the lottery game and get the most incredible of equipments, so in case you get some bad ones, just dismantle them! And another thing while we're here talking about the daily missions-- do not forget the daily login rewards! They may not see something exceptionally special at start, however I do recommend that you keep gathering them every day since you will find a use for them eventually. Just ... do not skip them! Even if one day you will not seem like playing the game, make an effort to visit to just merely declare these rewards since they may show helpful to you one day.

The game has an incredibly enjoyable feature which will let you gather family pets to help you enhance your strengths. This is remarkable, since I am basically a sucker for family pets! Putting my individual choices aside now, the family pets are also great for enhancing your stats-- so it's not all just cuteness and games. Every so often you will get Egg Nets and in case you were questioning what they are, they are internet that permit you to record new animals. Once you see that you got a net (in the bag) just tap on it and you will be sent out to a place where you can use it. Once you caught a couple of, I recommend that you include your finest family pets in your selection, since the stats boost you get will be well worth it. This can be easy to forget being incredibly hectic with leveling, however just do not skip it, since it will work!

This is something that I have actually found out the hard way, and what I suggest by this is three things:

Firstly, you should be a bit doubtful about the auto option, specifically when you are battling effective bosses. The auto may use an ability at the incorrect time, which may not be perfect depending upon the circumstance.

Secondly-- whenever you are combating you should keep casting and moving. That implies that if you are combating a boss, I recommend that you constantly relocate circle it to prevent getting hit. Even if the game does not have some incredibly apparent red carpets, it seems like you get hit less typically when you are moving.

And Finally, target the abilities yourself. If you are combating several monsters and you deal AoE damage, then you should target them yourself since as I formerly pointed out, auto may miss out on in some cases or not hit precisely the way you had actually prepared. Hey-- this is just my viewpoint, if you do not mind it, then you do you!

Being the foundation class, the Mage is a powerful one no matter which sub class (or promotion class) you choose afterwards. The Mage is a ranged attacker (or damage dealer, depends how you like to call it) and does AoE damage, which means that it will attack multiple enemies at once.

It works very well on its own, as well as in a team. It is not super tanky however, so you need to constantly be on the move and try to avoid as many enemy hits as you can, because the Mage was not made to take hits (that's the Warriors' role).

The Mage has a skill which allows you to get out of a sticky situation, and that's especially because the class can die pretty easy if you get hit by multiple enemies or by a powerful one.


Ice Storm: Summon a blizzard for a period of time which deals damage and slows the enemies continuously in the given area. It also has a chance to freeze the enemies.
Frostbird: Summons an icebird which flies across the battlefield, dealing great damage to the enemies in its path.
Blink: Dashes forward in a gust of howling wind, dealing damage to nearby enemies and freezing them, while also healing the caster.

Since the Mage has a combination of both of the promotion classes' skills, it gives you the opportunity to try and get better with it, because it is super good! It will be super powerful, no matter which promotion class you will choose.

The Mage is my preferred class to play in the majority of the games, as it has a great range, cool looking abilities (generally) and they can be very effective in regards to damage, specifically in PvP.

Focuses on: Range, AoE Damage.
Promo Path: Pyromancer, Frostweaver.

Pyromancer: This path is the "hot" one, which uses fire for handling the enemies. It's very effective, having a quite high attack damage, however it also has some sustainability. Since that's all it uses), it's great if you like fire abilities!

Frostweaver: The precise reverse of the Pyromancer, this path has the "cool" abilities. Wielder of Ice, the abilities of this Mage path can cause a lots of CC (crowd control) to the enemy, while also dealing a lot of damage.

The Paladins are the foundation of any team, taking on all the weight of a fight on their shoulders. Being amazing tanks, they have very high defense while holding their holy shield and can take on pretty much anything, as long as they have a team behind to inflict the damage.

Since they don't really do a ton of damage, they will do OK in single-player instances, even if they don't kill super fast, but when in multiplayer instances, the whole team will rely on them to take on the aggro of the enemy and mitigate as much damage as possible.


Holy Strike: Summons a beam of light that damages the enemies nearby and stunning them, while also granting the caster a sustained damage reduction effect.
Enhanced Protection of Light: Light shines upon the caster, pulling the enemies nearby towards them, while also healing the caster and granting them a temporary invincibility buff.
Savage Jump: Leaps into the air and delivers a devastating strike on the enemies in range, stunning them afterwards.

As you can see from these skills, the Paladin has some damage but not quite that much. It has mainly crowd control skills and damage reduction, which will prove super useful in every situation.

This is the ultimate support to any team, one which can turn the tides of battle in a matter of seconds. While it provides continuous healing as well as huge one time heal, they also have the ability to make allies invincible for a few seconds and dispelling any negative effects.

Since it takes a bit of practice to become a good Priest, like it usually is with the supports in any game, if you decide to play a Priest you need to know that you should always be prepared to use your skills at the right time, because if your team takes a huge amount of damage and all of your skills are on cooldown, it might not be that good.

This makes a Priest a little bit difficult to play sometimes, because especially in PvP and boss battles, it can be a matter of life and death. I suggest always having a heal ready at all times, and rarely use the auto play, because it might end up casting the skills when you don't actually need to use them, which can result in a big waste.


- Bathe in Light: Light beans shoot down from the sky making nearby allies invincible and healing them for some HP.
- Enhanced Nature's Prayer: Calls forth the power of nature to heal multiple allies for a great amount of health, while also dispelling negative statuses from them.
- Song of the Forest: This skill heals the nearby allies over time.

Usually the Priests don't have a lot of damage, so the best thing you could do is try to increase your HP, defense and other such defensive stats instead of focusing on the Attack, because that will not be that useful in my opinion.

The class promotion is basically a sub-class of your chosen class, which specializes in a certain type of fighting. For example, a sub-class cannot be super different from the main class, as it will contain some traits from it. A sub class allows your character to pick a certain type of attack and excel at them. Since every class has 2 sub-classes this makes it a total of 8 classes throughout the game. With a class promotion you will unlock more powerful skills and will be able to get even higher BR score.

In order to get promoted you will have to complete a few tasks beforehand, because it's a whole process. Firstly, you will have to grind your way through the levels and reach level 50. Once you are there, you will receive a few quests which will have you fight a few waves of monsters. If you are not that well equipped or don't deal a ton of damage, I highly recommend hiring mercenaries to help you finish the stage much smoother! Once you finished defeating the monsters, you will be teleported to a location where the Yggdrasil tree will allow you to choose one of the two specialized classes within your main class. You can simply walk towards them and hit the "I want to be promoted to X." if you've made your mind. And that will be the process of getting a class promotion! But are you curious about the classes? Then let's dive right in!

Promotion Classes

Warriors: specialize in Defense and Damage, so it goes without saying that their secondary class is going to be something between the two.
Paladin: The Paladin is going to be a great support for their teams by tanking the incoming damage and wielding a holy shield. It's great especially if you are used to that play style.
Berserker: This is the more aggressive Warrior sub-class, able to take a few hits but also to inflict a ton of damage. It's a very good class if you want to solo all the content and also be able to self sustain with the life steal.
Mage: This is the ranged damage dealer, which in most cases is able to do a ton of damage and inflict a little bit of crowd control upon the enemy.
Pyromancer: If you like fire, this is the class for you. They wield the fire element and has quite a decent sustain. They are especially good for PvE, and are more solo-play focused than their cooler counterpart (the Frostweaver).
Frostweaver: Inflicting freeze and also high damage, this class is amazing, especially for PvP instances where you will freeze the enemies in place. It's also great for team fights, since you can inflict all the crowd control in the world and just let your team mates finish off the enemy.
Cleric: This class can be a very important one for many players, especially the experienced ones, because they can either make it or break it. The Cleric subclasses are really important when it comes to world events, mainly because of the Priest.
Priest: This class is the foundation of any good team, because a good Priest can revive the allies and heal them to keep the fight going. A good and experienced support like this Priest can make a world of difference when it comes to super difficult fights, because they can heal the tank allowing them to tank even more!
Ranger: The Ranger is basically the lesser Priest, because they can also heal, but overall is quite balanced. It can do damage, heal and place curses on the enemies so it could be a fairly decent support.
Assassin: The Assassin has two of the most difficult and at the same time deadly sub-classes in the game. This is a class built mainly for PvP, but the PvE aspect of it can be also quite good.
Asura: They inflict a ton of damage and can also place curses on the enemy. They are swift and deadly, much like the Ninja, but lack the stealthier aspect.
Ninja: Having everything a Ninja would be expected of, they can summon, hide using their stealth skills and also perform super quick and deadly attacks.

While this is the fire mage, it doesn't have fire skills per se. It is of course blessed with the might of fire, having huge damage dealing AoE skills, but it also has an ice skill, the Frostbird. This class has a super high self sustain, amazing attack, and of course crowd control.

The crowd control is AoE also, so no matter which battle you will fight, it will come in handy because it is useful in every situation. Since the Pyromancer doesn't need a healer all the time because of the great self sustain, it can of course benefit from some support!


- Firebird: Summons a firebird which soars across the battlefield instantly, dealing great damage to the enemies in its path.
- Enhanced Fire Storm: A burst of flames that deals damage instantly to up to six targets, stunning them.
- Frostbird: Summons an icebird which flies across the battlefield, dealing great damage to the enemies in its path.

The Pyromancer is an amazing class if you want to kill enemies left and right, and also support your team with crowd control skills. However, it doesn't have as much crowd control as the Frostweaver.

The Ranger is a more... unconventional Cleric, as this one has very little healing and support, and more damage and buffs / debuffs. It can be good sometimes, but in my opinion you can benefit more from playing a Mage for the crowd control rather than the Ranger, which falls somewhere in between.

Since the Ranger has both damage and some support, you will be a good asset to the team, but obviously won't make such a big impact as a Priest. Either way, it has a kinda unique play style combining many things: healing, buffing, damage dealing and summons.


Fairy Arrow: Fires at the enemies, dealing damage multiple times to the enemies in a line.
Enhanced Song of the Forest: This skill heals the nearby allies over time, and buffs them, increasing the damage they deal.
Praise of Blossom: Summons a gigantic fairy flower which deals damage to the enemies in range.

Once you get to the redeem code area (under settings tab. openable near the bag) Type tow7777 to receive Nympha gold card some spirals and I can't remember what else.

The Warrior is a well balanced class which, once promoted, can end up being the tank of the party (Paladin) or a magnificent damage dealer with great sustain and -still- good defense (Berserker).

Concentrates on: Defense, Melee
Promo Path: Paladin, Berserker

Paladin: The Paladin is the go to promo path for those who are wanting to support their teams by wielding and tanking the inbound damage that glossy holy shield. If you are used to that play design, it's great particularly.

Berserker: The Berserkers do not wield a shield any longer, and they essentially go YOLO on the battleground, swinging their substantial sword left and right and beating enemies. This is an incredible class if you are going to wish to do whatever yourself, as the self sustain, good damage and defense will generally set you up for any situation you may experience.

The Warrior is the foundation class, before choosing a promotion class. It is a class which will give you fairly equal damage and defense, as its main specializations are those. Since it is melee, it fights from a close range, so you will have to go head-in into the fight, no matter if you are dealing damage or protecting the team by tanking.

Because the Warrior is not yet promoted, its stats are still somewhat balanced between the two (damage and defense). You can build both damage and defense, but as you progress in the game you will have to make your choices depending on which class you choose to promote to (Paladin or Berserker).


Bladestorm: Wields the greatsword into a storm of destructive force, dealing great damage to the enemies in range.
Protection of Light: Light shines upon the caster, healing them and pulling the enemies towards the caster.
Savage Jump: Leaps into the air and delivers a devastating strike on the enemies in range, stunning them afterwards.

As you can tell from the skills, the Warrior is somewhat amazing for beginners, being able to inflict crowd control and self sustain with the heal. This makes all the fights much easier, even if you don't build a lot of defensive stats. The sword and shield wielded by the Warrior will both come in handy, and will be transferred later on to the Paladin once promoting to it.

As for the Berserker, the class will drop the shield sticking only to the greatsword and focusing mostly on the damage part and self sustain.

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