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Tales Of Valhalla

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Tales Of Valhalla Cheats

If you want to upgrade a skill on a card as you level it up, shoot for 100% "Sp. skill-up chance" (shown on the lower right) when you enhance it. The easiest way to do this for higher level cards is to use either a duplicate of the same card or a card of the same type (example: upgrading Ghost Dragon, a beast card, with Thunderbird, another beast card). Once your card is a certain level of evolution (usually +1 and higher), the skill will only gain a percentage of possible increase from the appropriate card that is Gold Bordered (example, Level 60 Thunderbird after ONE evolution, using the 5 demon items from the elite bosses). Note that this does NOT include a +1, +2, etc. card! It must be Gold Bordered ONLY, and NOT a +1 or more card or it will not increase skill chance.

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