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Tales Of Link

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tales Of Link on iPhone iPod

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Tales Of Link Cheats

Log in daily to get free gifts by tapping the present button at the main screen. Play through the Beginner Trials to earn various items.

When battling enemies, take their elements into account. Although you can always deal some amount of damage, the most damage results when using opposing elements. Water is stronger than Fire. Fire is stronger than Wind. Wind is stronger than Earth. Earth is stronger than Water.

Target the weaker enemies first and watch their health bar. There is no need to use multiple men to deal a lot of damage on a weak enemy. The blue markers beneath an enemy's health bar indicates they are using a shield. Save them until last while concentrating on weaker targets.

Fuse unwanted pieces of gear to improve a base item by spending coins. To save time you can select the "Gear-up" button before a battle. Select one of the options that appears to automatically adjust your equipment.

Set up your Guardians to get an important support role in battle. They give bonuses such as an extra chance to dodge poison status or a defensive boost.

You must level up manually by assigning experience to your characters. Focus on your favorite characters.

Blue orbs represent experience. Enter your party and use the "Level up" option to use them. After reaching the level cap, go to "Limit Break" to combine matching characters to increase the cap. Multicolored orbs are used when summoning new characters. Because of their rarity, use the carefully. The more stars, the better the character.

Special moves can boost your health, attacks, and defensive powers.

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