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Taichi Panda: Heroes

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Taichi Panda: Heroes on iPhone iPod

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Taichi Panda: Heroes Cheats

Tip 1: After you complete the tutorial, tap the event button at the top and you should see a list of categories. Check each one that has a notification number next to it, as there are rewards in that category waiting for you to collect them! There are a bunch of freebies you can collect because the game just launched so they're celebrating it by giving away a bunch of rewards to new players.

Tip 2: The "treasure" icon next to the event icon lets you draw for hero shards, equipment, and more. The left blue shrine lets you draw for equipment and hero shards, while the right orange shrine lets you draw for a super rare piece of gear. You can draw from the orange shrine for FREE every two days, so make sure to do that! For the blue shrine, you can draw free every couple of minutes.

Tip 3: There's no need to hold back! Unleash your skills and decimate your enemies as fast as you can! Your first two abilities usually have really short cooldowns, maybe somewhere around four to ten seconds. Use these as soon as they're off cooldown to take out enemies fast. Don't worry about your SP (the blue bar), as every time you land a normal attack you'll get some of it back. Try to strike a balance between normal combos and your skills to take down the enemy!

Tip 4: Your hero's stats and skills are important, but its your gear that matters the most. On your main hero, make sure that you have your best gear equipped in all of the slots. Once you do that, fortify your gear as much as possible. Tap a piece of gear, then tap on fortify. You can spend some gold to improve the stats of that certain armor or weapon, improving your overall might. Might, by the way, is a general read out of how strong your team is. Obviously, you want it really high!

Tip 5: Each level has three stars for you to earn. You must complete optional objectives such as clearing the level under a time limit, killing a certain amount of enemies, and the like. You should try to get all three stars in each level as they count towards the "warlord chest". At the end of a zone, if you've gotten enough stars, you can open the warlord chest! This chest contains a bunch of pretty rare goodies, so you're going to want to open as many of these as you can.

Tip 6: As tempting as it is to turn on auto mode, set your phone down, then come back later to check the results, don't do this! For some reason auto-mode seems to be completely broken in this game. Your character might fight a couple enemies, but at some point they will eventually come to a complete stand still and will not react to anything. You'll have to play through the levels manually.

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