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Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: You can modify the graphics depending on your system setting. The default is "perfect" which switches on every single graphic enhancement, but even on an iPhone 8 or X, this can cause lag and speedy battery drain due to the sheer amount of graphical prowess. Switch to Speed to shut off most special effects, Performance for a good balance, High-quality for the best display relative to battery condition, or custom mode to change everything to your liking.

Tip 2: Like many MMOs, much of the game can be completed with auto-questing and auto-battling. Do enough manual battles to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can tailor your battle style to the character you have chosen. During tougher areas of the game, you'll need to go manual, so you'll need to know how best to use your character before you can get anywhere in the tougher areas.

Tip 3: Tap on your character portrait to see a massive amount of options. Many of them will be unlocked as you reach higher levels, but many are available right away. Explore around to figure out the social stuff, the military ranks (which relate to PvP and give you boosts), your mount, joining a guild and earning new equipment, and far more.

Tip 4: Mounts are both given for free and earned, and they have practical uses as well as stylistic uses. Switch to manual mode to experiment with your mount in battle and learn its skills and uses, and when you get a mount, do the same thing all over again. Be sure to feed your mounts to upgrade them, as well.

Tip 5: You'll earn a ton of new equipment along the way, and eventually it will get confusing. Compare its stats and its additional traits to your current equipment, and remember that when the comparison screen comes up, the equipment on the left is what is currently equipped, so the equipment on the right is what you're comparing to your current equipment.

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