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Taekwondo Game Global Tournament

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Taekwondo Game Global Tournament on iPhone iPod

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Taekwondo Game Global Tournament Cheats

Try not to button mash as doing this will just waste energy and make your fighter tired.

When your opponent traps you in a corner use the 'Throw' and 'Punch' to get yourself away from there and out of trouble.

Using the downward heel strike is a good way of keeping opponents at legs length.

Don't just wade in recklessly and get tired, bide your time and wait for an opening to develop before you strike.

As in most games like this pick your moment to strike don't just go to it.

The downward heel bash is a great way to keep opponents at leg's length.

Keep in mind you can get tired in this game so don't just button mash.

Use the throw and punch to get yourself out of any corners you get trapped in.

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