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Tactile Wars

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tactile Wars on iPhone iPod

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Tactile Wars Cheats

When the leader of a group is taken out, their entire squad is also neutralized. When enemy leaders are within range, your troops will prioritize targeting them. They can be identified by their large flags. Your formation and the enemy's formation are important factors in deciding how a battle will turn out. Getting a better formation than the enemy is important. Try to use formations that avoid the majority of the group and flank the enemy leader. When you bubble an enemy leader, do not pop it immediately. If there are more groups approaching, wait until you bubble a new leader, then pop them all in succession. You will earn a combo bonus the leaders that are popped, which results in more medals.

Complete achievements to earn bonus coins and experience.

After choosing your faction, other players of different colors will attack your base. At first, you can only use mines to defend your base. However as you earn coins, new types of defense structures will become available. Always have a reserve amount of coins available to pay for consumable defenses that will automatically replace themselves.

Take down multiple squads in quick succession to earn bonus medals.

Tip 1
When you need to get through mine fields, draw a tight and tiny circle to make your formation crowd together.

Tip 2
Get just close enough to shoot, then back off a bit and stay just close enough to get some shots in but far enough that you can run as needed.

Tip 3
Test your strength. After you finish placing all of your defensive implements, attack your own base.

Tip 4
You can get free coins by going to the shop area and watching the "Propaganda", or advertisement videos.

Tip 5
You can get free Prisms, the premium currency of the game, completing the various missions that the game gives you.

Tip 6
If you run over mines fast and run away from them before they blow up, you will take absolutely no damage.

Tip 7
Scroll sideways when you go to the skills menu, because there are far more skills than appear on the initial screen that you open.

Tip 8
Turrets and the troopers make a deadly combination together. Turrets take forever to take out and will constantly harass the attacker, making it a huge ordeal for them to take over just one tiny little strategic area.

Tip 9
Turret tanks are equally effective against attackers.

Tip 10
If you want to earn experience quickly check for daily achievements to come up that give you experience points as a reward for unlocking them.

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