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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Subway Surfers running on iPhone iPod

Subway Surfers

Cheats & Hints for Subway Surfers - iPhone iPod

If you have tricky got to the first player and select him and got to tricky and hold select and go to which ever player you want and you will have them.

Go onto the characters click select on the first boy then you go onto the girl and hold down select than if you want any other characters than keep hold of the button select and slide across to the next character and then you can take your finger of and click select on the character you want.

Press select on your first character, now hold it and press the arow on either side of your character. Take your finger of the character you want and you should have selected it.

The following characters become available when you complete the corresponding task.

Collect 350,000 coins.

Collect 40,000 coins.

Collect three Boomboxes.

Collect 150,000 coins.

Collect 80,000 coins.

Collect 7,000 coins.

Collect 20,000 coins.

Prince K:
Collect 980,000 coins.

Collect three Guitars.

Collect 12,000 coins.

Collect 30,000 coins.

Collect 95,000 coins.

Collect 3 Caps.

Collect 3 Spaceships.

Collect 120,000 coins.

If you go to the store and click on watch a video. You will get 100 coins. After you watch it click on watch video again. Watch it and you will get 00 coins again. Though it is very little. You can keep getting more and more.

An easy way youu can earn extra coins is to have your friends run. For each 50 friend runs you will earn a coin bag which will contain valuable coins.

If you trigger the Mega Headstart as soon as your mission starts you will immediately be launched into the sky and get an easy 10000+ points without having to jump or roll.

When you buy the mystery box, when you 'tap to open' click with more than one finger to get more than one thing

The following list are the power-ups you can collect during gameplay and their effect. ALL of these power-ups only last a limited time so make sure you take advantage of them while they are active.

Allows you to fly over ALL of the trains and collect a trail of coins along the way.

Super Sneakers
These will make your character run faster than normal, and will pick up any coins under them.

Coin Magnet
This will collect ALL of the coins in the vicinity around you.

2X Multiplier
This will double your score while it is active.

This can be done by double tapping your characters item fraction.

1. When you get a mystery box and you have to tap it when you die you tap it with two fingers not just one Or it won't Work.

2.The second one is when you get the mega headstart and when the game start die and tap the mega headstart really fast it may take a few try's

3. And the third one is when you get the jet pack and when your in the air swipe up when you get the last coin and you should go high in the air...

4. The forth one is for extra coins by having your friends run soupy can earn additional money for each 50 friends you will earn a bag with valuable coins inside...the fifth one for more mystery boxes you purchase the mystery box and whenever you tap to open click with more than one finger and I said it twice to be clear for step 1.

5. The last one is the slide jump when your on a train and you slide off by accident you can go back up so soon as you jump and slide back on you should be good to go ( you can do this with any character not just one or a certain one thanks)! - Sent by [Allana]

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