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Star Wars: Force Arena

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Star Wars: Force Arena on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: Aim to await the challenger to attack and play the defense. The very best part about this is that you get a bonus when defending: the turret assists you with additional fire power.

Tip 2: Attempt to wait on your Energy meter to fill so that you can launch a complete attack over your challenger. Constantly start with the very best possible cards you have in your hand

Tip 3: Keep your Hero alive. Do not forget that you can use the Health refills on your challenger's side!

Tip 4: Although it's normally a great idea to concentrate on a single side in order to win, in some cases altering the lanes-- typically after your Leader is damaged-- may help you turn things around as the challenger will need to regroup and probably will have less soldiers to send out as they currently sent out soldiers on the other lane. Make sure you do it wise since otherwise you can lose your turret!

Tip 5: Know your cards. All the cards in your deck have weak points and strengths. Make certain that you know them in order to play them at the correct time, versus the right challenger. Just tossing cards onto the battleground as quickly as you unlock them will not win you battles!

Tip 6: Double tap and use your Leader's special power. Double tapping rapidly moves your leader around, while their special powers can be game changers throughout a battle.

Tip 7: Keep your leader alive: the more times they pass away, the longer it considers them to restore, so it's a smart idea to keep them alive for as long as possible!

Agent Kallus: unlocked from Card Packs
Boba Fett: unlocked by completing mission 2
Bossk: unlocked by default
Darth Vader: unlocked by completing mission 7
Dengar: unlocked by completing mission 4
Director Orson Krennic: unlocked from Card Packs
Emperor Plapatine: unlocked by default
Grand Admiral Thrawn: unlocked from Card Packs
Grand Moff Tarkin: unlocked by completing mission 9
The Grand Inquisitor: unlocked from Card Packs

You will get one Victory Pack for each battle that you win in the game. The longer you need to wait to unlock them, the much better the cards inside. You also get a Play Pack that opens quickly after each ten battles you participate into, in addition to a Free Pack every couple of hours.

Try to unlock the Victory cards and attempting to manage time (for instance, constantly deal with longer Tier cards throughout the night, when you are not into the game and aim to open as lots of much shorter timed ones throughout the day.

If you wish to buy cards with Crystals, it's worth keeping in mind that the rewards you get are based upon your Tier so I would truly recommend to wait a bit till you get to a good Tier. "Decent" Tier is the maximum Tier you can reach prior to challengers begin to end up being exceptionally hard to beat. The higher you can go, the much better the rewards inside those card loads (free or bought), so it's constantly worth being a bit patient!

Heroes are a bit harder to obtain and the most safe bet early on is finishing the missions. If you are active throughout the game, you will get heroes. Keep in mind: Heroes are necessary in Star Wars Force Arena, however you really win your battles with great, high level decks! Some heroes are much better than others, so make sure you check them all out and see which fits your play design much better

Baze Malbus: unlock from completing mission 8
Bodhi Rook: unlock from card packs
Captain Cassian Andor: Unlock from card packs
Ezra Bridger: unlocked after completing mission 6
Han Solo: unlocked after completing mission 1
Jyn Erso: unlock from card packs
Lando Calrissian: unlocked after completing mission 3
Luke Skywalker: unlocked by default
Princess Leia: unlocked by default
Sabine Wren: unlock from card packs

Using the trader, you can trade 1 Unique card to obtain a random Legendary card. You can trade a Legendary card in order to get another Legendary card. Given that heroes are constantly Legendary.

You should end up being a bit only and particular upgrade the cards that you like and strategy to play when you have more cards. Since you can constantly go to the trader and trade ten cards of a lower rarity for one card of a higher rarity level, this is crucial. Ultimately, you will have the ability to trade one Legendary card for a random Legendary card, so with a little technique and preparation ahead, you can build an actually great deck without investing any reality money!

Cards of various rarities will be offered for purchase for credits and you can even get some good Epic cards there! They are quite costly though, so constantly think about the advantages when investing many credits on purchasing them from the store!

Discovering the right balance cost-wise is exceptionally essential. Low expense soldiers ready due to the fact that you can spawn them rapidly and send them in high volumes over to the challenger, however going just with low expense cards may show tough versus a competent challenger which, with one grenade or a well put assistance airstrike can erase your whole team and win the game. My suggestion is to find the ideal balance in between low expense and high expense cards, and go for a typical energy expense in between 3 and 3.3.


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