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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Stardom: Hollywood running on iPhone iPod

Stardom: Hollywood

Cheats & Hints for Stardom: Hollywood - iPhone iPod

There are clickables throughout every area. Lookout for trash cans, money dispensers and birds: if you click them you'll get a lot of XP and cash. Sometimes you even get one energy. This makes it much easier to level up and buy the things you want to buy.

Stardom awards are held in downtown LA. You will be interviewed by StarNews, outside the dancing theatre, right beside the pet store. Remember to be modest and then the theatre opens for you.

LEARN your lines!
You could go as far as writing them down, because when you audition you have to know the lines that you have rehearsed and sometimes there are just slight changes made that can easily trick you. If you get your lines right, you already start the scene with a star bonus, which means that you need to spend a lot less energy to complete the movie!

Tap to get the rewards
Might seem pointless because they are automatically picked up - but every reward that you tap will reduce 5 seconds from the energy time bar, meaning that you have to wait less to get energy!

Contacts, contacts, contacts
Knowing people in Stardom: Hollywood is extremely important, just as in real life. Having top stars as contacts will give you the chance to invite them to shoot a scene together. The better the star, the bigger the bonus you will get. Try to match the genre of the movie with the type of star that you have met (so if youíre filming a sitcom, bring in a sitcom guy and so on) for even better bonuses to your film. In order to get more contacts, you simply have to go to bars and restaurants and parties and talk to people. You never know which one is a real star, so you have to keep trying. Use your charm on them if theyíre too high on the list and ignore you and keep building your contact list. It might sound rough, but you need to have all the top people in your contacts list and it wonít be easy!

Be very active & aim for 5 stars!
You probably know already that you wonít have enough energy to complete a scene in one go. However, you need your movies to get 5 stars in order to help you get to that A List as fast as possible. Therefore, you should make sure that you are extremely active and you check back often to perform actions in the scene, gain stars and fill up that 5 stars meter before the time runs out. Itís also a good strategy to never start a project unless your energy bar is full!

Only date famous people
Again this sounds rough, but itís the reality: you want to make it on the A list and nobody cares if you date Tom the IT guy. Date celebrities only for big rewards and increased exposure. Ignore everybody else!

Get pets
These little creatures not only make you happy, but they also give you all sorts of bonuses, from fans to XP and extra money. So make sure you have as many as possible (and have in mind that better houses allow you to get more and better pets!)

Explore and connect
When your energy drains, you can still do some things in the city: Visit everything while you wait for the energy to fill up and you can even get some extra for free. Connect with people during this time, search everything and slowly but steadily you will increase all your stats, get energy faster and keep your future star busy!

Ignore low energy actions!
When filming a scene or on a date, ignore the actions that require just 1 or 2 energy, as you will get very few stars (1 or none, usually), which means that you are wasting energy for nothing! The only exception is coffee, if you have it, as it usually gives you extra energy.

Change your wardrobe!
Some combinations will automatically trigger reports on you and you will get extra fans easily!

Be patient!
Stardom: Hollywood is mostly a waiting game and you canít rush things too much. Indeed, these tips help you get the most of the game as fast as possible, but you still canít make it to the A-List in Hollywood too fast, so make sure that you sit back and enjoy the ride!

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