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Sorcery! 4

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Sorcery! 4 on iPhone iPod

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Sorcery! 4 Cheats

Redo the fights you didn't play out to the best of your abilities. Basically, every fight where you lose more than, say, two stamina points you can consider a failure.

Don't get discouraged if you keep losing a lot of stamina at the very start. It is bound to happen, but you will get a lot better in time.

Look for clues in the story about the possible weak spots of your enemies. For example, a beast may be preparing a powerful attack if it is crouching, so you can respond appropriately.

When asked in the shrines if you would like to pray to those gods, always respond positively. This is because it is generally a good idea to have the protection of a god whose land you’re in.

Praying to gods for help, on a regular basis however, won’t do you any good. They should always be your last resort.

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