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Sometimes You Die

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Sometimes You Die Cheats

There is a "impossible" to enter room in the game, shielded by a spike with no space to pass through. But at the end of the game, when you see the dungeon map it seems this room does exist. And it really does! There is an easter egg hidden there. Ok, first thin you need is to learn the infinite jump glitch. For that, you need the pause button that you gain in the orange-background dungeon. When you jump, simply pause and unpause to gain a new jump, thus jumping undefinitely. Now, you need to know how to trespass floors/ceilings. What you want to do is turn your device sideways (portrait), and hit the pause button and the jump area alternatively like crazy. Its a lot easier to tresspass floors than ceilings, also its easier to trespass thin floors. So, to practice, first change the gravity, let the block feet hit the ceiling, and then start jumping until you hit your head on the floor. Pausing and unpausing and jumping really fast will eventually make you tresspass the floor. After that, most likely you will end up buried into some wall, so you need to close and open the app. Now, all you have to do is go to the room above the impossible room. Its a room with 5 or 6 spinning blades and making a circle around a platform. There is the exact space to do the trick in the lowest-right corner of the room, just to the right of the spinning blades. Change gravity. Go to the ceiling. Jump and hit your head on the floor har. Enter the impossible room. You'll get a note from the developer himself.

Until you 'complete' the game, you only have the ability to do single jumps. However, once you 'complete' the game, you get the ability to do multiple jumps. This is key to getting the number in the last Prologue room, getting into the Impossible Room and easily getting nil deaths. Once you get to the end of the orange levels, you are awarded with the Pause button in the top right hand corner. You can use this to check the credits and immediately jump back to the Death room. However it also allows you to jump numerous times - like a double jump in usual platformers. To use it, jump and then Pause whilst you are in mid air. To unpause, press the usual jump area a couple of times in quick succession and you will jump, but using the mid-air position as the base of the jump. You can do this multiple times to allow you to jump as many times as you like.

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