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Soccer Showdown

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Soccer Showdown on iPhone iPod

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Soccer Showdown Cheats

When trying to save a shot do not follow the ball around as it is kicked. Instead, choose a direction before the kick is taken and hope you made the correct choise. Anticipate where the ball is going. Lower your gloves to get a good view of the ball and its movements. Keep your gloves dead center until the kick is taken. You will have the speed to cover any area of the goal.

Power and curve are essential during shooting. A hard shot with a lot of power moves faster and is harder to save, however must be sent with accuracy. A less powerful shot is more forgiving when it comes to aim. Adding curve to your shot will trick your opponent because it is much harder to predict where the ball will travel. Your opponent may leave a gap in the goal to try to persuade you to shoot towards it. Instead, shoot for the middle as they will are prepared to quickly dive towards the exposed corner.

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