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The larger you get, the greater the chance that other snakes will try to find ways to hit you. If you have enough length, surround and trap another snake. Because you cannot crash into your own body, you cannot trap yourself. Be careful with the smaller snakes; they are more maneuverable.

To trap opponents outmaneuver them by speeding up by double tap and hold. If done correctly, your snake will glow and move faster. As long as speed boost is held, your snake will get shorter at the tail end, and a trail of small particles will be left behind as you move. You will lose length at a rate of about five per second.

There is a little circle split into four sections at the bottom right corner. The small white dot on it represents you and your current location on the map. You can avoid encounters that usually happen near the center of the map by drifting into the outlands. Once there you can absorb stray particles safely. After your snake gains some length, consider taking out other snakes. Use speed boosts to get surprise attacks. Move alongside another snake, then quickly speed boost to pass them and force them to crash into you. If done fast enough, they will collide with you. When two other snakes are fighting, remain nearby but not too close. Do not scare them off. When one of them gets defeated, quickly move in and get as many particles as possible.

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