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Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Slayin on iPhone iPod

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Slayin Cheats

Buy armour whenever you can afford it as it will effectively double your health.

If you can dominate one side of the screen without worrying too much about everything at once, that will make survival easier.

You can spend your fame points to unlock the following classes and content.

ClassHow to unlock

Let monsters float onto the screen before you get near, so they don't have a chance to score a free hit as they're arriving.

When you complete a level, or as you begin a new one, the shopkeeper briefly appears to sell you important items. Don't miss your opportunity to spend that hard-earned loot. It's more important to spend than to save!

Concentrate your efforts on earning enough HP to unlock the extra characters as this will make the game easier and more interesting.

The item is expensive (5000 fame points), but will let you keep playing after you die.

It disappears within a few seconds of appearing, so don't give it that chance.

Since you'll have to restart if you let yourself die, there's really nothing more important to pay attention to than your health bar.

Any quests that you complete net you all-important fame points.

If you rate Slayin on the App Store, you'll be rewarded with 500 easy fame points.

Do you prefer right-handed or left-handed play? Either way, there's a setting for that. Just check the Options menu.

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