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iPhone iPod - Sky Force 2014 screenshot

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Sky Force 2014

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sky Force 2014 on iPhone iPod

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Activate the Untouched medal. Not only does it provide an invincible energy shield for defense, but you can also go on the offensive while it is active. Ram through enemy ships without worrying about taking damage.

VIPs are rarely seen in the game- the game will notify you through a Push Notification on your device that there is a pilot needing rescue. The game map will show a "VIP" label on the specific stage where you can find them. In that stage will have a greenish glow around them, and their dialogue box will be black and gold. Rescuing them is like rescuing the other pilots (the people in red that have a white dialogue box with a black exclamation point). To rescue your friends, you will have to find their icon within a stage where they have died. Hover over it like you would to rescue a pilot or VIP and you will "rescue" them as well. Rescuing friends and VIPs rewards you with stars. To enter the tournament you have to have at least 5 friends through Game Center. It takes place every Friday through Sunday and features different stages that are unique to the tournament and change every weekend.

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Rescuing everyone is not necessary. Instead, concentrate on destroying at least 70% of the enemy ships to earn more stars.

Normally after committing to upgrade parts, you must wait a certain amount of time for it to be completed. Instead of spending stars to instantly complete the upgrade, advance the time on your device. Then, set it back it its correct value.

Obtain more medals for score multipliers. One medal makes 2x, two medals for x3, etc. Try to get medals with the earliest levels because they can be completed easily. The most difficult medal to obtain is where you have to go through a level untouched. When playing early levels, focus on earning that medal by avoiding shots and collectibles in tricky locations. Also try earning the medal for rescuing all of the people who are stranded on the islands while in the early levels.

Destroy glowing enemies when they appear. They have power-ups that can increase your health, fire rate or give another type of bonus.

Enable Airplane mode on your device to prevent ads from appearing.

Instead of waiting for your lives to regenerate over time, advance the time on your device. Then, set the time back to its true value.

Save your stars until useful upgrades become available. Start by increasing your health followed by making your Main Cannon stronger.

Prioritize not getting hit to hitting your targets, so don't be as risky as in other games.

Make sure to shoot the shiny airplanes and collect each gray crystal they release as they increase your firing rate or provide a different boost.

You can unlock four Medallions per Stage for these accomplishments:

- Destroy 70% of Enemies Forces.
- Destroy 100% of Enemies Forces.
- Rescue All People.
- Stay untouched.


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