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Ski Safari 2

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Ski Safari 2 on iPhone iPod

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Ski Safari 2 Cheats

While ramping off cliffs, roofs, or ramps, hold and tap the left or right side to do a front flip or a back flip. Do not try to do one after the other or you will probably wipe, unless the jump was quite large. Instead, consider just rolling a full front or back-flip, then use the rest of your air time executing swipe moves.

You will be awarded gold for leveling your profile. Spend it to purchase new zones. This is a much better investment than costumes or boards, which can be purchased after all the new zones are available.

During the end of a big jump, you must quickly orient yourself by positioning your skis or snowboard to be parallel with the slope you are landing on. If you fall too hard and perpendicular to the ground, you will slow down a lot. However, with some luck you can use your fall momentum to hit the new slope with increased speed.

While in the air you can swipe to perform special moves. If you execute three special moves by the time you land successfully, you will gain a temporary speed boost that allows you to pass through many obstacles.

Make sure you jump over each and every rock.

Grab an eagle and fly as high as you can to pull off loads of tricks in one go.

When you ramp off of ramps holding down the left or right sides of the screen will trigger your avatar to initiate a front-flip or a back-flip.

Don't worry too much about picking up coins, they'll accumulate naturally as you play.

If you pull off three moves by the time you land you’ll get a temporary speed boost.

Always try to adjust the position of your skis or snowboard to make sure they are running with the slope you’re about to land on.

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