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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Simpsons: Tapped Out, The running on iPhone iPod

Simpsons: Tapped Out, The

Cheats & Hints for Simpsons: Tapped Out, The - iPhone iPod

Ingame select Homer to bring up his task menu, while the menu is open click on Homer ten times. If done correctly a message prompt will appear stating you found the secret and will receive 10 doughnuts and the statue in your inventory.

Close to the mountain area, there's a bit of land which has this item. Buy that land and put it anywhere. You can purchase it for 20 doughnuts or get it free of charge.

If you change your time forward in your general/settings, you'll get your bonuses quicker.

Some strategy for more XP is to do quest to plant triffids. By planting them you will earn 150 experience points.

If you tap homer ten times in a row you get a statue and the 10 free doughnuts.

The other cheats are bogus! Complete waste of time.

The guys at EA don't want us to cheat. There's no pride in the town you create if you can get everything with a cheat. I've played a while now and tried most of them out but I'm afraid it's all rubbish.

You just have to level up, or pay for them. Time travelling (setting your time forward) doesn't work either. The game is set to their servers. It does nothing.

During the Halloween and Xmas holidays I've noticed there is opportunity to make lots of new buildings, gain characters and gain a few doughnuts.

I gained 40 in total after I paid for the dog, two funzos and the buildings.

It was good of EA to trade in coins for the stockings which gave out a lot of doughnuts. If you play you will see results. It is simply as simple as that.

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Time travel? asked by cant say
Is it possible to time travel in the Simpsons tapped out, Like make it so you can make a 24 hour job go by much faster(without doughnuts)
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