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Sick Bricks

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sick Bricks on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: Tap random things and attempt to damage them to obtain bricks that can be used to recover structures.

Tip 2: Complete the mission that needs you to break the cops barriers with Officer Kuffowitz's vehicle. His vehicle can be discovered parked in the direction of the east of the plaza he is standing at. Tap it and you will certainly have the ability to drive it for 20 seconds. Run over as numerous items or enemies as possible to obtain easy cash, obstructs, and experience.

Tip 3: Use the dashboard relocate to surpass traps. It can also be used to prevent enemy attacks. It is much easier to use versus varied attacks, which are typically sluggish moving lasers.

Tip 4: Each hero has a distinct special move that can be triggered through a special tap or swipe. Such steps generally hit hard and can commonly take an enemy with one hit. Once carried out, you need to wait up until they recharge prior to using them once more.

Tip 5: Attempt to use a character that has actually a varied attack. Melee attacks generally will get you counter in return. Varied characters can assault a target while moving. When beginning the game, think about playing as Katie Kantmiss. She has actually long called arrows, permitting you to continue to be safe while assaulting. Her special move can get rid of bigger groups of enemies. Alex Awesome also has a brief range laser varied attack.


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