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Secret of Grisly Manor, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Secret of Grisly Manor, The - iPhone iPod

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Use the wrench from your inventory on the large bolt on the bathroom wall and then click the wrench to turn it. If done correctly a secret passageway will be revealed which you can go through.

In the Dining rooom click the cuckoo clock on the wall to zoom in. Turn the dials to move the hands on the face of the clock (the left dial moves the hour hand, the right dial moves the minute hand) to set the time to 8.25 so it matches the beams of light from the cave. When the clock is set the cuckoo will come out revealing the bathtub stopper.

If you go up the stairs and click on the wall inbetween the bathroom and the little girls bedroom you will find the hallway with the Gargoyles.

Before you find grandpa you need to open the last door with the glowing circles. What you need to do is align the first, the left most, inner arrow, with the outside one. Don't touch the center circle at all while doing this. Instead align the right most circle with it's outside arrow, and the center one will align itself. ALL three circles must be glowing and the door will only open if ALL the inner and outer arrows of each circle are facing each other.

To find the coin unlock the cabinet in the woodshed and there will be a mallet on the work bench. Now go up into the Grandfather's bedroom and smash the piggy bank. There is the coin!

Find both pieces of paper to complete the combination 42-34-15. The first piece of paper is in the picture frame above the stairs in the Foyer, and the second piece is in the locked cabinet in the Shed. When you have the complete combination move the first two sliders very slowly so you don't skip any numbers. If you encounter problems doing this it may be a technical issue or lag. Make sure you have the latest version of flash installed, clear your browser cache, and close any other applications you may have running. If you still have difficulties try running the game in a different browser.

Open an outside door and grab the bird. Take the bird and take to it's home.Find the right pattern for each one.You will get the fuse when you have it correct.

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