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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Restaurant Story running on iPhone iPod

Restaurant Story

Cheats & Hints for Restaurant Story - iPhone iPod

The appliances that can serve the most dishes are stoves, followed by ovens and then grills. A good strategy is to add appliances based on this fact, e.g. 3 stoves, 2 ovens, and 1 grill.

A good strategy is to try and make only one type of dish from one type of appliance at a time. Doing this makes it more efficient for you to serve them since they will all be ready at the same time.

It does not cost anything to send gifts to your neighbour and in return you can expect to receive free dishes back from them that you can then use to gain free money. Gifts ordered (most valuable first) are Stew, Grilled Chicken, Waffles, French Toast, Bacon and Eggs. A good strategy if possible is to send gifts like Stew or Grilled Chicken to ALL your neighbours once a day in one shot.

The home appliances that may serve probably the most dishes are ovens, then ovens after which grills. A great technique is to include home appliances based on this fact, e.g. 3 ovens, 2 ovens, and 1 grill.

You can level up fast by making any dish, cancel it and then make it again until your in the level you want. I did it and know I am in level 28 and I just started like 1 or 2 weeks ago! I hope it works the same way for you, good luck.

An easy way to add more tables and decorations to your restaurant is by not having out as much counters for your food. Instead, cook all the same food on the stoves, and when they're finished cooking, you are able to put them all on one dish. You'll have lots of the same food on one counter. The more stoves you have, the more units of food you have on one, single counter.

If you do not have much food left and do not want angry people leaving your restaurant you can always place. A table or something in front of your door. Doing this though will also prevent people from entering your restaurant so you will not get any money.

The red potion is for the new update item which is a constructable mermaid statue. Updates are sent out randomly to players and needs red potion 6 items and pink paint 8 items.

Go to your 'Settings' menu on the iPhone and change the time and date to the future. For example if something takes 8 hours, bump up your time by 8 hours on your phone's clock.

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