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Rayman Fiesta Run

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rayman Fiesta Run - iPhone iPod

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Bumping into a mushroom shifts the plane you are running on. Use this to make collecting all the Lums in a particular level easier.

Purchase a Heart power-up before a run to be able to take extra hits from enemies. Purchase a Punch Glove power-up before a run and you will be able to execute long-distance punching attacks on enemies. Use the Foot power-up before a run to highlight the optimal path through the level.

AchievementHow to unlock

Rayman runs automatically, leaving you to jump, punch, and dodge enemies. While running, collect as many glowing Lums as possible. The more of them you collect, the more Teensies are freed and the further you can progress. Lums also unlock bonus items like power-ups, new runners, new skins, and gallery art. If you collect all 100 Lums in a level, an "Invasion Level" may become available. Invasion levels have you run through a level again and collect 100 more Lums but with more enemies. Each runner has a different weight and speed. For example, the Green Teensie is a powerful jumper because of its low weight.

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