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Rapture - World Conquest

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rapture - World Conquest - iPhone iPod

Quick guide to motion controls:

Use a dragging motion to control the rotation of the Globe.

A two-Finger pinch or spread motion will control the zoom level.

A Flick gesture will cause the globe to spin.

Regions with a gray Flag are unowned, they are defended by barbarian armies that won't grow or attack.

Regions held by enemy civilizations will display their Flag.

To attack, select a region of your own, then top on the region you wish to attack.

To select lots of your own regions quickly double-tap on your own region.

By double-tapping an enemy, you will attack all of enemy accessible regions from all of your regions (regardless of the regions you have selected).

Civilizations flag denotes your current rank. It shows your civilizations current tech level and your progression toward the next tech epoch.

Civilization score is calculated from the number of armies and regions owned, total productivity, tech level and mana held.

Keep in mind that if there is no outright winner by 2250 AD, the game will end and, the victor will be the one with the highest civilization score.

Miracles are performed by dragging and dropping the miracle icons onto target.

The gray bar along the bottom will Fill with red as your mana accumulates and more powerful miracles will become available to you.

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