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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Racing Rivals running on iPhone iPod

Racing Rivals

Collecting Gem Money
Succeed each race for gem money and magnificence. This game will enable you to have the right automobile that is tuned in the right method so that you can contend in high stakes races to remain ahead of the game among genuine live challengers around the world. The efficiencies of your vehicles will be the main core to success.

To sustain your automobiles for having piece de resistance, you will be enabled to gain access to hundreds of visual and stat-boosting parts, such as Nitto Tire brand name tires and various other upgrades personalization to mod and tune your trips on the race course. Personalize your automobiles and take part in the competitors for in-game money, magnificence, road integrity and even pink slips in real-time against players around the world.

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