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Puzzler World 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Puzzler World 2 on iPhone iPod

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The Backword puzzle is a grid of letters and crossword puzzle clues (across and down). When you select a letter, the box containing the letter will turn black. If you select the same letter again, the box will turn white. The game will not give you any indication of a correct answer until you complete the puzzle. The objective of the puzzle is to make the grid appear like a crossword puzzle grid, by blacking out the letters that are not used in the answers. The best way to solve Backword puzzles is start by blacking out all the letters. You can do this quickly by click and dragging across an entire row. Then, work through the clues. Starting with the clues across, the answer will always be in the top row, and most often using the first letter. The answer for the next clue will be either beside that one (with an unused letter in-between them) or in the third row. Rarely a word may bridge the gap between two answers on the row directly underneath. After that, start working with the clues down, beginning near the top and working your way across. When you have reached the right edge of the grid, look for answers going down in the center-left area.

Completing ten Hangman puzzles will earn the achievement.


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