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Punch Quest

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Punch Quest - iPhone iPod
Punch an egg, causing you to explode into bones, while the egg explodes, revealing you inside the egg, but you're now riding a velociraptor that shoots lasers out of its mouth.

Eat mutagenic food, causing terrifying hallucinations.

Juggle enemies with launching uppercuts and fast jabs, to keep up massive combo streaks.

Slam an enemy into the dungeon floor so hard that it causes a shockwave.

Punch a treasure chest so high into the air it crashes into a bat, both killing the bat and spilling coins everywhere.

Turn into a gnome. Get stung by bees. Explode.

Customize your characters with abilities and devastating Supermoves, and also their appearance in multiple different ways.

Don't spend your money on hats and disguises right away. Concentrate on unlocking all the special moves before considering your headwear.

If you jump into the air and it looks like your angle of descent will lead you directly into a pit of spikes, jabbing will cause you to fall faster. Somehow.

If a branching path points to treasure, it normally means that you'll pass through lots of difficult traps to get at it.

During your travels, keep an eye out for different hazards like spiked floors/walls and flames.

Punching torches as you run by transforms these objects into projectiles that damage opponents, in addition to giving you coins.

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