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Survival is the key to the game here, and just like in The Hunger Games, you may need to lay low and let other players kill each other off for a bit during the early stages of the game. While you do this, though, hunt around for weapons, armor, ammo, health boosters and other goodies, using the icons on the map to figure out where they are. Like in original PUBG clone Rules of Survival, you can auto-run by holding in one direction for long enough. Use this to your advantage. When you see a decent crowd of players or even one or two easy targets, auto-run to one side (as long as you know the coast is clear) and aim and shoot. Be ready to change directions as needed, but this will put you at an advantage if you can aim well.

Use the fire-mode switching buttons on the lower-left side of the screen to your advantage. You can switch between single shots, burst fire (three at a time), or automatic mode, although not all weapons will have all modes. And of course, if you're not getting what you want out of your weapon, switch weapons if possible. Look around the level for cars, trucks, or boats that you can ride in. If you're solo, you can go to down and mow down opposing players when you see them, while avoiding taking too much damage from anybody other than people firing RPGs and other explosives. If you have a buddy with you, one of you can drive while the other one shoots out of the vehicle.

Be a sniper to take care of both the hiding and the killing parts at the same time. If you're a killer aimer, have a sniper rifle, or both, lay down somewhere that you can hide, such as behind a building or other form of cover, or even inside of a vehicle. Find a target, blow them away, then run if you need to and find cover again. Or if they can't find you, keep shooting and picking off opposing players.

Trying to aim at an enemy while strafing about is near impossible, and only really viable with gyroscopes, this will allow you more flexibility in how you move when in a firefight. It's worth testing, at least, to see if they help improve your game. So if you want to aim directly ahead you need to be incredibly still... Yeah, there are drawbacks to this, too.

When running at full speed, the auto sprint icon appears.. Hover over it and let go to continue running without holding your screen. While running you can use the small eye icon just below the map and drag that around in order to look around and keep an eye on your surroundings without changing the direction you're running in. The auto loot function will simply pick up essential items, like rare scopes, weapons, armour, and more without you having to do anything.

Gameplay in here is much the same as it is in the console version, with the difference between the controls and all of the buttons you have available to press. When running, hold up on the virtual joystick to enable auto run mode. Toggle your weapon as needed between single shot, burst and auto (not all will be available with all weapons). Hit the options menu to find a bunch of other options such as toggling fire assist.

You start off with no outfit, and for awhile until you either purchase coins or play enough to earn some, you start every round in your underwear. To remedy this in battle, kill someone and then raid their backpack and steal their clothes to put them on automatically. Of course, you will also take all of their weapons, health boosters, armor, and other goodies too, but if being clothed is important, then steal some clothing.

There are many ways to kill and be killed in this game. Survival is top priority - lay low and let other players kill each other off early on, like in The Hunger Games. Go to buildings to find weapons, armor, and health boosts, and look around the outside of buildings to find vehicles. The broken, dirty ones can't be driven but the cleaner looking ones can be driven. Use vehicles to go fast, run people over, and avoid danger zones. In Squad mode, use vehicles to pull drive-by shootings on other players. Have other players ride shotgun or in the rear seats and fire away.

You have to pay 3,000 coins to modify the sex, race, and appearance of your character once you set it, so if you're not sure what you want to stick with, play as a guest. When you're a guest, delete the game and then reinstall it and you will be able to start fresh for free. If you log in with Facebook, then delete the game and play as a guest again or make a new FB account.

Avoid the red zones (bombs fall in here) and stay within the blue zones (the eye of the storm). Use the maps to your advantage, not just for your own safety, but as a good way to find other players. Skirt the outer edge of the red zone to pick off players who are escaping or to crush them with your car. Skirt the inner edges of the blue zone for the same reason, especially if the blue zone is in a specific corner of the map - then you can skirt the opposite corner of it.


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