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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Prune on iPhone iPod

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Success if often predicated on where you first place the seed.

Always look at the background to check and see if there's any wind that may affect you.

Pruning additional branches once the initial growth has stopped will give you a little extra spurt of life.

Choosing the perfect place to plant the seed is extremely important, so take your time and think of the best option.

Swiping from the ground will make your tree grow. The direction of the swipe also determines (to a degree) the direction of the plantís growth.

Swipe some of the treeís branches to prune them, making other branches longer. You should, however, be careful not to prune them too much, otherwise they will stop growing.

The background can show you if thereís any wind in the area which may affect your plant.

You can grow some more branches even after the main part of the plant stopped growing. This can make quite a lot of difference in tight situations.

You can zoom in on certain parts of the tree if you need to do some precise pruning.

If you reach the blue flower on the level, your own flowers will turn blue.

There are also other hidden things in the game that you can explore by reaching new heights after finishing a level.


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