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Protect Teddy

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Protect Teddy on iPhone iPod

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Due to its cost, save the Angel until it is needed the most. Swipe down and it will protect your king when things become very hectic.

Do not forget to tap to collect the coins that drop from monsters. Do not spend coins on boosts before starting a level.

When the monsters appear, wait momentarily to see if a better placed one appears so you can complete a combo. Combos are triggered when your next tap is inside the circle created by your previous attack. Get as many combos as possible with each wave to score higher. However, if you need to eliminate a monster on the other side of the screen, tap it and ignore combos for the moment.

Collect stars to trigger Fever mode, which will also help increase your score. Take your time in Fever mode and make sure you always hit a monster when you tap to get large combo bonuses.

Start by upgrading your Health two times then Damage once. After that, complete the first level of Masteries in any desired order. If you have any coins remaining, spend them in Health again. Do not worry about the Power upgrades until you have the Masteries upgraded.


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