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Pro Feel Golf

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pro Feel Golf on iPhone iPod

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Participate in the daily challenges to win extra coins. They are free to play but may have equipment requirements. Some of the challenges will only be available for a few hours.

The putting grid will appear when the ball is near the hole. The grid will display dips and rises on the ground. Blue indicates depressions while rises in elevation will appear in red.

There are three stars that can be earned in each level by completing certain requirements. Earning stars will unlock upgrades and additional levels. You can earn at least one star by completing a level within par. The other two stars have specific requirements that vary.

The shot meter charges quickly. You will have to tap quickly to avoid out-of-control shots. If you think that it is too late to avoid a bad shot, do not tap at all. Allow the ball meter to fill, then go back down. Your shot will automatically be canceled, and you will get another attempt. Consider the lie and wind speed before taking your shot. Lie refers to how much the terrain your ball is resting on, affects how much power should be applied. For example, if it the Lie is displayed as 70%, you will only be shooting at 70% of your normal power. This requires that you compensate for the reduced power. Wind speed must be taken into account similarly. If the wind is against the direction you want to shoot, try aiming farther in that direction.

Spin is generated depending on where you tap the golf ball when you hit it. Tapping the center will not add spin, however other locations will. Changing the ball's carry will vary the starting distance that it travels. Changing the ball's run will alter the distance it moves after the first bounce. Use spin to maneuver around obstacles. You can also combine them by tapping in the diagonal locations on the ball.

Backspin: Tap the bottom. This increases carry, but decreases run.
Sidespin: Tap the left for a fade or the right for a draw. This carries your ball more in the corresponding direction.
Topspin: Tap the top. This decreases carry, but increases run.


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