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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon: Magikarp Jump on iPhone iPod

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Add your earned decorations to your pond. Not just will they provide you something to take a look at, however they can bring in other support Pokémon, who will then cheer and come for you versus a competitor when you remain in the league. The more Pokémon who cheer for you, the larger your jump point bonus will be.

When you're playing the game, hit the item menu. Go here and you'll notice something that you might not be expecting. There will be an item called the Everstone. When you have this item, that means that your Magikarp cannot evolve.

So what you want to do is to get rid of the Everstone. There's a little-known way to do that. Go to the pond where you feed your Magikarp at. Tap on your Magikarp over and over and over. You're going to need to do a lot of tapping in order to pull this off. Keep tapping and eventually, at random, the Everstone will break.

Once it does that, your Magikarp will then be able to evolve. You have to be at trainer rank 10 though in order to make it happen. Once you are at rank 10, your Magikarp will then have a maximum level of 20. Once you evolve it all the way up to level 20, it will automatically evolve into a Gyarados.

There is a downside to this, though. Currently, you cannot play with a Gyarados. Once it evolves, the mayor will take it away. Then you will be forced to start over again with a brand new Magikarp. Eventually, the developers might add an event to the game though that gives you the ability to compete with Gyarados, or even simply change the game around, but not right now.

To get a Red Gyarados, do all of the above steps, but fish out a Shiny Gold Magikarp first. These things are rare, and with the old rod, they are EXTREMELY rare; however, there are some tricks and cheats that you can do in order to get an easy one.

After you get a new Magikarp, your old one will be retired. Your new one will have a higher max-level, however it will start right from level one once again. That's why it's essential to earn coins and upgrade your training and your food, so that you can level it back up to appropriate battle levels and jump points rather rapidly prior to aiming to handle another league.

You have two methods to enhance your jump points in this game. Among them is to use the training, while the other one is to feed your Magikarp. In addition to the zen of just tapping food as it appears, you can use coins to upgrade your food in the store in the town. With the upgrades, the points from each food item will increase considerably, making this the quickest way to train new Karp.

At the feeding screen, scroll up leading, past the water, for a variety of additional functions that are not easily marketed. Pikachu will be slumbering on the shore, and if you tap him, you'll earn an entire lot of additional jump points. Later on, he'll falling asleep once again about a half and an hour later on approximately.

Play the jump battles after using all your training points, specifically if you are close to ranking up. All of your training points will be brought back instantly once you rank up. Plus, you will have the ability to fish much better Magikarp from the lake and use them for the next league. Their max level will increase by one for every single trainer rank that you include.

The main thing to look for is your character's sweat when you're trying to catch one. If you're going to catch a standard red one, the sweat will pop up once. If you're going to catch a colored one, two sweats will pop up. If you are going to catch a shiny one, then three sweats will pop up.

If you see one sweat but you want two or three, then all that you have to do is close the app when you see it. Open it back up and then try again. If you want a shiny, then close the app whenever you see less than three sweats, and open it back up, and keep trying to catch that shiny one.

If that cheat gets patched later on, then you can functionally do the same thing without doing the cheat, it will just take longer. Once you catch your Magikarp, go to your pond, scroll up, and then tap the Magikarp to make it jump out of the water. Keep doing this and eventually, it will get murdered by a Pidgeotto. When this happens you'll be sent back to the pond. Repeat as needed.

This can only be done one time, so after that, do all of the training and leagues that you can, and then take the risk every time until you lose your Magikarp. Once you lose it, then you'll be sent right back to the pond to fish. This can be used to grind for experience levels and diamonds as well.

The more levels that you gain, the better your chance of finding a better fishing rod besides the old rod. You'll have to pay a little bit for it, but if you use it, you'll have a better shot at catching a rare or shiny Magikarp.


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