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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Go on iPhone iPod

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Catching Pokémon can prove tricky at first. Keeping a few things in mind will make the process simpler.

When AR is active, you want to keep the Pokémon that you're trying to catch at your screen's center, without moving much. Swipe your finger in a straight line, directly toward the creature, to toss your pokeball.

Try to time your toss so that as the pokeball reaches the intended target, the ring around the Pokémon is as small as possible. The larger the ring is, the more resistance the Pokémon will offer, and the less likely a successful capture.

Your trainer level will affect your skill, and that means that some Pokémon types may not yet be possible to easily capture. Keep training, or make sure you bring along plenty of Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls. They work better.

Before tossing the ball, spin it in a circular motion, then unleash it on your target. If that leads to a capture, you will gain an extra ten XP.

Enter the following corresponding nicknames into your eevee to select its evolution.

Rainer = Vaporeon
Sparky = Jolteon
Pyro = Flareon

Ensure the nickname had been saved by closing the app after the change and re open the app before evolving just to be sure.

If you would like to choose Pikachu for your starter Pokémon, you're going to have to turn down the option to recruit the other three starters that are in the immediate vicinity. If you keep declining any Pokémon that are first available, you'll eventually do so often enough that a new option appears: Pikachu. Now you can start your adventure with the beloved electric-type Pokémon.

Tip 1: Pokemon Go gym are marked on the map as large colored towers and it's difficult to miss them as they truly stick out. In order to be able to access the Gym feature in the game, you require to be at least level 5.

Tip 2: Once you get to that level, you need to select your team: Blue, Red or Yellow and obviously the option you make does not affect the gameplay in any way other than for that you belong to that specific team and you can combat versus teams of the other colors.

Tip 3: You can communicate with it as you do with Pokestops when you get close to a Gym. You can inspect them out even if you are far from them, however you need to be close in order to in fact use them. You can train your Trainer there or place one of your Pokemon to protect the gym if they're owned by the very same team color. You can just place one Pokemon per player per Gym, so if you wish to make certain that a person is actually well secured, make certain to bring your pals there too and leave the Pokemon in. Have in mind that you will not have access to the pokemon at the gym while it's safeguarding, however it will be returned to you if it is beat by another player.

Tip 4: It is a smart idea to have as lots of Pokemon protecting Gyms as possible since every 20 hours you are rewarded Pokecoins and Stardust based upon the variety of Gyms you are safeguarding. It's a great concept to do a "Gym run" in the area prior to gathering your bonus in order to optimize gains.

Tip 5: In order to start assaulting a gym, all you need to do is to in fact go near it and tap it. You will get the option to pick up to 6 of your own Pokemon which will assault the protectors of the offered health club. Want that the Gym menu shows you the WEAKEST pokemon protecting it, so anticipate battles to obtain harder. You can get a clear concept of who's protecting the health club by swiping to the right-- this will reveal you all protectors one by one.

Tip 6: Tap Fast... This normally works much better than aiming to evade (which does not work well today due to the fact that of the lag, however may get repaired). Tapping rapidly generally offers you the benefit

Tip 7: Once your blue bar under the Pokemon's health fills,-- Tap and hold to let loose the special attack. It's generally a great idea to wait and release the special attack on a fresh pokemon, not one with diminished health, however if you're refraining from doing well either it's much better to just use it whenever to obtain the ensured high damage hit

Tip 8: The battles follow rock-paper-scissors mechanics, so it's extremely important to see exactly what kinds of Pokemon are protecting the gym so you can select the very best ones to eliminate them. Select the pokemons with the greatest CP as they are much better in battle, certainly.

Tip 9: Drain the Prestige of a Gym in order to take control of it. Once the status strikes zero (it may need numerous wins in your corner), it rejects the protecting team and turns grey/white. When you can assert it and end up being that health club's leader, that's. You are not ensured to continue to be leader: if another team member brings a pokemon with much better CP value, they will end up being the Gym's leaders. Right now, being the Gym Leader has no result on the gameplay.

Decline to recruit the three starters that are in the immediate vicinity when first starting. Keep doing this until an option appears to recruit Pikachu appears.

If you want a particular Pokémon, pay attention to the list near the lower right corner of the screen. It lets you know how close you are getting to the Pokémon that are in the surrounding area. Keep watching the indicator, and if you see the icon of the breed that you want moving toward the upper left position, that means you're drawing closer to your target. Fewer footprints also indicate the same thing. Of course, another option is to watch any other Trainers. If you see a bunch of people gathered around a particular spot, that's a clue that something worthwhile is in the vicinity.

Reach the indicated level to get the corresponding reward.


Meet the conditions below to unlock the named medals.

MedalHow to unlock


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