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Pocket Village

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pocket Village on iPhone iPod

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Before giving a trade the thumbs-up, go through all of the objectives you'd like to accomplish, and ensure that you're not about to sell off something you'll desperately need further down the line.

Trash the individual trade requests from the trader, and ask her to come back with another. If you can't sell anything and need space for different resources, then this is a life saver.

It's unlike builders of a similar ilk in that you shouldn't try to collect as many resources from the environment around you as possible. Instead, you should take what you need and a smidgen more on top, just in case.

Coins are the base currency in Pocket Village. Youíll gain coins by selling off unneeded resources. Typically in Pocket Village you will have certain resources or items that you need to craft to create a new building, leaving you with too many of one type of resource or building material in your inventory. At that time, you can sell off the unneeded items and gain coins, which is usually one of the things holding you back from building that new house or shop.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and are only gained by leveling. They can be used to speed up harvesting, crafting or building, as well as purchasing premium buildings in the game. You can purchase both coins and diamonds to complete tasks with your own real world cash by tapping the + icon next to them.

As you level and new areas of the world are available to you, it simply expands the amount of resources that are available. The veins of minerals, trees and so on regenerate randomly, so youíll never run out, even if you donít expand into new territories quickly.

A grayed out area with the ? flag notates an unexplored area. Simply tap on the question mark and the game will prompt you with the requirements that you need to open up the area. Once opened up, whatever new buildings are in that square will become available to you, along with additional resources for you to harvest.


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