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Pocket Mortys

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pocket Mortys on iPhone iPod

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Learn your way around in the game. Important areas are: the Healer, Day Care, Rick’s Sales, the Portal and the area where the other Ricks are (you battle them after getting enough badges).

Keep in mind that once you go through the portal, new world you're getting into is completely randomized. Explore it! Each area has special items used for crafting just waiting for you to pick them up. Free wild Mortys are there to collect and trainers/collectors to fight up till Rick guarding the Portal (the Boss battle).

The more badges you have, the more items you can purchase in the store. The first badge you win will unlock the Morty Manipulator Chip which allows you to collect more Morty’s as you battle them after traveling through the portal. Always have at least one Chip with you when you travel.

To catch/collect more Mortys when in battle against free Mortys from the wild, weaken them out first (lower their health) and then use the Chip. If your party is full, the new Morty will be automatically stored in the Day Care in the Citadel.

You'll need Control Chips to gather yourself a proper stable of Mortys.

There is over 80 Mortys in this game and each one is subdivided into one of four elements: nothing, rock, paper, or scissors. Having variety of Mortys with you might be crucial advantage in battles as you can successfully counter attack from other Morty's you might meet. Remember just one thing: rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissors beat paper.

When in battle got tip is to use your week Morty so they can level up. All you have to do is to use it to start a battle, attack once and swap it with a strong Morty. At the end of the battle, both Mortys will gain experience.

Need free Schmeckles? Go to the IAP store and watch advertisement videos. Each one that you complete will give you free Schmeckles.


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